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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Bouncy Seats

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 . From lizamac ~ Do you have a bouncy seat? Do you like it? We have one, but Tricia uses it as a chair now so we need another and there are so many choices!! Just wanting some input before buying another. What kind do you have? Do you like it? Why or why not?

 . From penfuin ~ We have the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium one and LOVE it! It has saved us so many times (being able to shower and such) when the baby was fussy. He is 5 months and is still using it. It is easy to take the cover off to wash. I like that the Aquarium part is removable and that it has 2 functions, to run (music, ocean and bubbles) and to change functions when the baby kicks the parts hanging down. We have been through many batteries with this, but it is well worth it!!!!

 . From clover ~ We have the Fisher Price Infant to Toddler Rocker. It is great. It doesn't bounce but it does vibrate and it can recline or sit up (DD slept in it as an infant at night and loved taking naps in it until she got big enough to try to roll out of it.) The toys are great. The best part is that when she is bigger, she can use it as a rocking chair!

 . From vonda ~ I second the Infant to Toddler Rocker. We received one as a present with DD #1 and are still using it. We also have the Fisher Price bouncer before it was the Ocean Wonders and we have a Safety First bouncer/bassinet. The Safety First one is great, but it is only good while they are still very little. Both DDs have slept well in it and it has a cover so you can take it outside.

 . From Paige ~ We have the Mother's Touch Bouncer Seat. I just read the reviews and was very surprised since we didn't have one of the problems that was listed in the reviews. In fact Maureen loves it because she can really make it bounce by kicking her feet, whereas the upstairs bouncer doesn't really bounce no matter how much she kicks her feet. The other thing that I like is that it lays really flat for a newborn, and then can sit up more as they get older. I still have her laying back on the flatest level at almost 5 months.

I had one of the Infant to Toddler rockers with Brigid, and maybe they are different now, but I couldn't put her in it as a newborn as it sat up too much. We ended up returning that one.

 . From NY*Mom ~ We have the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium and I really like it, so does Madelyn! It took her awhile to like it but now she will sit there for about an hour and be entertained with the bubbles/fish/music!

 . From Mommy 2 Cassandra ~ I too have the Ocean Wonders, and Cassandra loves it!!! She can sit in it for 10-15 minutes and not complain.

 . From CSK2003 ~ We have the Kick and Play bouncer and love it. Kelsey still uses it as a chair when she is watching her baby einstein DVD's. She has learned how to get out of it by now though.

 . From Natalie2 ~ We also have the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium seat and Alyssa is just now (4 months) starting to like it for more then 2 minutes! Its very nice, you can take the gym part off and it's just a regular bouncy seat. Just like the Fisher Price Ocean Wonders swing, it goes through A LOT of batteries.

 . From Frogmorest ~ I've never done the electronic bouncy seat thing... but I have had two "manual" ones. I first had the KidsII one for Madeline. It was ok. It was very small though and she started rubbing the skin off of the backs of her ankles around around 3-4 months!!!! So we gave that one away. With Olivia we just have a basic Jolly Jumper brand bouncy seat. We love it! Nice and big. Comfy seat and very easy for her to bounce. I really love this seat.

 . From Pekoe's Pal ~ Well, little DS was fortunate enough to be gifted 4 bouncy seats.
1. Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium
2. Fisher Price Kick N' Play
3. Fisher Price Learning Patterns Infant to Toddler Rocker
4. Fisher Price Cover N' Play Bouncer
They are all fabulous!! However, with that said...

Fisher Price Ocean Wonders
By far HIS favorite. It's a sturdy bouncer, keeps his attention, soothing noises/music etc. Fabric wipes up well, and washes well.

Fisher Price Kick N' Play
Love it...but the music drives me nuts after a while. We keep this one at Grandma's house and share.

Fisher Price Learning Patterns Rocker
Not so much a bouncer, but has the vibration feature. I suspect this will work well as he continues to grow. The most versatility long-term. We keep this one at other Grandma's house.

Fisher Price Cover N' Play
Love the little blanket feature...although he got so big so fast that he already outgrew this one. Was a good place for naps while it lasted. The dangling toys were at a nice angle for him to grasp at.

Don't you wish they made adult-sized bouncy chairs??

 . From youshi ~ We have the kick and play and it is wonderful. I like the fact that it is bigger and my ds who is in the 95% for height used it until his was 9 months and crawling out of it.

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