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Product Opinion/Review

Product Review ~ BurpCatcherTM

Product Description:

burpcatcherAll babies spit up. Only BurpCatcherTM has a pocket to catch the mess, so YOU stay clean! A burp cloth, only better!

StorkNet Review:

Does it work? StorkNet says YES! Surprisingly yes. The BurpCatcherTM is the size of a cloth diaper or a regular burp cloth and has a handy pocket on one end that hangs open and catches your baby's spit up. The catcher is just the perfect size so that the pocket hangs the right way every time. Just drape it over your shoulder or arm - simple and effective.

Created by a mom of three, BurpCatcherTM is soft and absorbent without anything that could scratch baby. They are made of white fleece or flannel and come in blue, pink or green trim. They wash wonderfully and are easy to fold and tuck away into a diaper bag.

If you're tired of changing your own clothes every time you burp baby or cleaning up puddles on your carpet or furniture, you will LOVE the BurpCatcherTM.

Available from www.burpcatcher.com. The flannel version comes in packs of two for $9.99, and the fleece version is sold individually in a tulle gift bag for $9.99. BurpCatcherTM makes a fabulous baby shower gift!


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