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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Carriers and Slings

 . From Em's Mamma . . . I had a baby bjorn for #1 and I found it a hassle and useless until my baby's neck was strong enough to support itself at 2.5 months old. Did I buy the wrong one? I am hearing such rants and raves about baby bjorns...any info would be great. We are thinking of a sling or a pouch this time round, any suggestions?

 . From 2bighogs . . . I have a carrier for my babe. I think it's an Infantimo. It's a pain in the butt, is what it is. It's okay, I guess, but it's so difficult to get her in and out of it, plus she can't sleep in it. I'm trading it in for a sling. I am looking at a Maya. On the Maya Wrap website, they give instruction on how to make your own sling, so I might start with that so I don't spend too much $ on something I'm not so sure about yet. You could give that a try!

 . From JulieD . . . I have a Baby Bjorn and I really liked it (the Maya wraps are great too but a bit hippy looking). Anyway, I didn't have problems with Logan's neck - do you have your baby facing you with the back part all the way up (rather than folded down)? He went side to side a tiny bit but he did that in his carseat too.

 . From Book_Worm . . . I've had 2 Over The Shoulder Baby Holders and I love them. I'm making a sling very similar to the Maya now.

 . From RVPmom . . . I have an adjustable fleece pouch and love it. Kangaroo Korner has a website that talks about the many options out there, pros and cons, ages, etc. I found their comparison chart very helpful. They compare Maya wraps, rebozoz, otsbhs....a bunch!

 . From livandtj . . . We have a Maya Wrap, and love it! I strongly recommend it

 . From sdebarrios . . . I think what works may also depend on your baby. I didn't like to use the sling with Glen after the first month because he always wanted his head out even though he couldn't hold it up by himself! So, I switched to a Snuggli, facing him in. I loved that thing! It seemed to give him the neck support he needed but let him have his head up to look about. Now I've gone back to using the sling more because he can sit up in it at my hip and it's a lot faster to get him in/out (plus, I think he weighs too much for the Snuggli now!) I've also heard good things about the maya wraps.

 . From Mom2Spence . . . I have a "Hip Baby" that I bought online at walkingrockfarm.com I used it a lot with DS #1 and DS #2 is about to be in it. It's very easy to put on and take off. I've loved it.

 . From Ladyleen . . . I had a sling "Over the Shoulder Baby Holder". I chose a sling after reading some articles about the "snugli" style front packs being bad for baby's spinal development (too much pressure on their developing spine). I purchased it direct from the manufacturer from an ad in Mothering Magazine. It was around $40.00. I loved that sling, and so did my son. I don't really understand how people can live without one! I never took my car seat out of the car. I just scooped Samuel up in one arm and plopped him in the sling and off we went. I breastfed him in it, and I am certain no one ever even knew I was doing it. It affords a lot of privacy. I used it in a variety of positions as he grew -- I bet I used them all. I had several friends who had them but had difficulty figuring it out. I gave them some assistance and they are now able to use it too, so I think the biggest problem with them is that the moms have difficulty figuring it out. I have seen friends with "cheaper" slings that do not work because they simply do not have enough fabric to hold the baby securely. So -- cost is not everything!

 . From Jera . . . I have the Snugli too; it's like brand new. I bought it when my DS was born 5 years ago, and I just can't use it. My back hurts so badly when I try and my shoulders!! I'm pretty large chested and I think it just makes the baby lay too far out front or something. My DH can use it for a while and it doesn't bother him as much but he isn't thrilled with it.

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