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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Car Seats
storkFrom Tiffany . . . We have the Britax Roundabout. It is a convertible seat and is rear facing to 30 pounds. It has a tether strap and once that is hooked up, you CANNOT move this seat. It is a 5 point harness and one extra feature is that it velcros the straps to the side so it's easier to get the baby in and out of the seat without getting tangled in the straps (that's my DH's favorite part). It has the stuff (foam?) in bicycle helmets for extra protection. I think it retails for around $200, but you can get 15-20% off at rightstart.com with free shipping. I would recommend it to anyone.

storkFrom Bridgett . . . We bought the Century Smartmove SE. It's rear facing up to 30 lbs and forward facing 20-40 lbs. It too, has the 5 point harness system. You can recline baby up to 47 degrees and upon impact the seat moves back into it's safest upright position! It's quite plush too (we wanted that since we will be doing a few long distance trips this year). We looked at the Century 1000STE and the one above that one but they didn't look as "comfy". We paid $91.99 at BabysRUs. The seat was $99.99 and we had an $8 coupon. We just put it in the Explorer this weekend and Haley loves it way more than her infant seat!

storkFrom Jennifer M . . . I have the Fisher Price Safe Embrace for Alyssa and the Cosco Alpha Omega for Aaron. I chose Aaron's because at the time he was 3 months old and almost 20 lbs and this one is convertible up to 70 lbs so the pediatrician recommended it. It also converts to a booster seat later so I thought that would save money in the long run. Alyssa's is a little smaller and it fits her better. It was recommended by the policeman whose presentation on car seat safety I saw. I bought both of them at Babies R Us. The Safe Embrace was $99 and I can't remember on the other. I LOVE the Safe Embrace and would highly recommend it. The Alpha Omega is harder to get the baby into securely and I would not buy it again.

storkFrom Elsie . . . We have the Century Bravo and I have mixed feelings about it. We chose it based on comments from others who had purchased it (seen mostly here on this board!). Also, Thomas reached the 20 lbs. limit on his infant car seat much faster than we had anticipated (at about 5 months), so we needed a good convertible seat that would get us through the first year (rear facing) and beyond. We purchased it at Babies R Us and I think we paid just over $100 for it (isn't it amazing how quickly you forget these things?). In general we are happy. The drawbacks have to do with the fit of the seat in both of our cars. I have a Jeep Cherokee and in my car it will only fit behind the passenger seat. It won't fit in the middle of the back seat unless we push the front seats all the way up. Since DH and I are both very tall, this is not possible! We managed to get it behind the passenger seat--not the safest place in the car, but actually a little easier to get Thomas in and out considering he now weighs 25 lbs.!! My DH has a VW Jetta and the Bravo just plain old does not fit in there in the rear facing position! There just isn't enough room for it in the back seat. When Thomas turns around and faces forward at one year, then this won't still be a problem. The problem (with both cars really) is the rear facing position. For now, Thomas only rides in the Jeep with me. When he turns to face forward, we may get another seat for the Jetta and we are considering the Safe Embrace since we have heard such good things about it!

storkFrom TripletMom . . . We have the Evenflo Discovery infant seats. We bought them at Baby Depot; I think they were 49.99 each. We chose these because they were the lightest ones out of all the infant carriers, and I knew that I would be carrying 2 at a time so I needed something light. It has that turned handle so it's easier to hold and you don't have to twist your arm around. I like the infant carriers also because you can put them on the carriage if you go to a store and you don't need to use the stroller. I really like them and I'm not looking forward to having to switch to the regular car seats soon because then I will have to carry them in or have to set up the stroller all the time to go to the doctors.

storkFrom Tica . . .Seat #1 - Evenflo On My Way Infant Carseat. I bought this one because I liked the handle, the canopy, the 5 point harness and the ease of movement. I bought it at Toys R Us for about $55. I was not happy with it because at 5 months, my child was in excess of the rear-facing weight limit. When I purchased it, I thought he would use it for an entire year. It turned out that he only used it for a short time. Seat #2 - Century Breverra Classic. My husband picked this one out because he liked the price. He bought it at Ames for about $40. I am not happy with it because it does not stay stable side to side. It is okay if you pull it front to back but it doesn't feel secure to me. I really want to return it. Seat #3 - Evenflo Horizon V Convertible Carseat. I bought this one because it was rear facing until 30 pounds. I bought it at Toys R Us for about $70. I am very very happy. I wished I would have bought it first. When it is tethered, you can't move it side to side or forward to back. It is so stable. I had to call the company when I bought it because it was so new. It was just coming out and I had to make sure I could get it locally. I highly recommend it to others as their first and only car seat. I am looking for a booster seat now and can't find one as good as this one. Seat #4 - Cosco High Back Booster Seat. I bought this one because it fits children from 22 to 80 pounds. It has a tether system to keep it stable. It has great head support for sleeping children. I bought it at Value City for about $35.00. I'm very happy with it. I had the box open in the store. It has what I wanted!! Great head support for sleeping child, tether to keep it stable and a great price! Way to go COSCO!

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