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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Laundry Detergent
storkFrom Bezz . . . We use Wisk (liquid) for our clothes. The usual cost is about $7.99 for a 100 oz bottle, but I always stock up when they are on sale and use coupons, so I never pay the regular price. I like it because it is great for spot treating stains - my 9 year old can ruin a pair of pants in 3 seconds flat, but the Wisk gets out just about everything. I'm happy with it! For the baby's clothes, we use Dreft (liquid). In the supermarket it's about $8.99 for a 100 oz bottle (unbelievable!! ugh). But I get it at Drug Emporium for $5.99 for a 100 oz bottle. Much better! I usually have a coupon too, and one 100 oz bottle lasts a pretty long time for us. It is also great for treating spots - has never failed me yet. I also love the smell of it.

storkFrom Sheryl . . . We also use Dreft for the girls. What I do for stains for their clothes and ours is treat it with the shout spot gel stuff when it first happens and then just throw it in the laundry hamper until I get a chance to do laundry. I go through a lot of that stuff, but it works great. I always use Tide, the powder kind. We buy it at Sam's Club. I think it's $16.99 but the box is huge!!!! It lasts for a really long time. With our washer we only have to use 1/2 of the recommended detergent so we end up saving a lot on detergent because it lasts a lot longer.

storkFrom ElsieB . . . We used to use Dreft for Thomas' clothes and Tide for ours. Then Thomas developed eczema and I learned that Dreft was not the best thing to use! In spite of being billed as a "baby detergent," it still has fragrance and things in it that can be irritating to a baby's sensitive skin. We now use All Free and Clear, and I like it so much that we use it for all of our clothes! So much easier to be back to one laundry detergent for the whole family! I pretreat with Shout and use dryer sheets for our things, but not for Thomas' clothes or linens.

storkFrom Mom2Nick&Zoe . . . We use Wisk or All that is perfume and dye free. I learned through our pediatrician some years back that it's better than the baby detergent due to being fragrance free. Zoe has eczema really bad, so I wash everything in it ~ our clothes, towels ~ helps to keep her break outs next to nill. The last one I bought was Wisk perfume and dye free. It was buy one get one free, and I think I paid $5.99.

storkFrom Trixie . . . I have been using Tide Free and Ivory Snow for baby. Sometimes his clothes get washed in Tide Free. I like both - I have some Dreft to try next - although I really think the Tide Free is ok for him and it would be easier to just work with one detergent.

storkFrom Bridgett . . . In the beginning we used Ivory Snow for Haley, and then I went to Cheer Free when she was around 6 months old. Just last week I decided that she's old enough and doesn't have any skin irritations to try her with regular Cheer (which we use). So far , so good! Oh yeah and I love Spray N Wash! It has gotten out all those babyfood stains!

storkFrom Connor's Mom . . . We use an off-brand PUREX on everything, baby clothes and ours. It costs $4.99 for a one gallon, 22 oz container, and sometimes the store has a two for one sale! At first I used all the free samples of Dreft and All Clear we got, but our pediatrician said most kids don't need special detergent. If there was no reaction, just go with something that gets the clothes clean, which this does. Now if I could only find a non-chlorine color safe bleach for a decent price, I'd be in laundry heaven, LOL!

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