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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Disposable Diapers
storkFrom Jennifer . . . We have used Pampers Baby Dry since day one. We did try Huggies - I got a pack at my shower. They just didn't seem to keep leaks from happening. We buy them at Acme; they go on sale every 3 weeks and you can get them at dirt cheap prices, especially if you have coupons ( I Love Coupons!!) Oh one other thing - I have two boys so I can't compare them to girls. Maybe some day I'll be able to!

storkFrom Laurie . . . First I can't compare boys to girls since I only have a boy. I tried Huggies, but had major leakage problem all over. I then tried Pampers which work well during the day, but had frontage leakage during the night. I now use a supermarket brand--Gaint-- they are located in New Jersey and Penn. They work great and cost 7-10 cents a piece, and go on sale every few weeks. I suggest you should try a supermarket brand; they may just be perfect and are usually so much cheaper than name brands.

storkFrom Janet . . . I tried Huggies with both my girls and always had leaking problems. We use Pampers Baby Dry. I buy them by the boxload at Wal-Mart for $19-21 depending if they have them on sale. With my $2 off coupon it isn't so bad. I will put in a plug for Huggies overnights though. I had to use them with dd#1 and they were great!

storkFrom Naydene . . . I only have a girl so that is all I can comment on. We have used Pampers Baby Dry and like them a lot. I tried Huggies, yuck! They leaked and they stink! One drop of peepee and gross! We have also tried Luvs. They are ok, and Drypers are ok but they leave little gel things. What we are using now and love are White Cloud. We get them at Wal-Mart. They have the velcro tabs and the cloth feeling, but they don't stink like Huggies and don't leak. They are pretty cheap too, under $15 for the mega pack.

storkFrom Jenn . . . We've used them all--Pampers, Huggies, Luvs, Drypers and we now buy only Huggies both the Ultratrims and the Supremes. We also use the nighttimes for both kids. I have boy/girl twins and for a while I was using Drypers on Alyssa because her hips were so narrow and Huggies on Aaron because he was so round, but now we only use Huggies. Although I might be convinced to try the Wal-Mart brand.

storkFrom Bridgett . . . We are HUGE fans of Huggies Supreme! I love the velcro tabs and cloth feeling. They are the only diaper that doesn't leak overnight. We have tried Pampers (Baby Dry and Rash guard), Drypers, Albertson's brand and a few others. Even the huggies Ultratrims aren't that great overnight. We normally pay $10.49 (using a $2 coupon) for size 3's. Not too bad . . .

storkFrom Sheryl . . . We also use Pampers BabyDry. I usually use cheap diapers during the day and use the pampers only at night on two of my girls but my other girl doesn't fit right in the cheap diapers so she wears pampers all the time. I tried Huggies too and I couldn't stand them. They always felt damp and smelled like pee (can I say that?). But my SIL only uses Huggies and can't stand Pampers so I guess it's more of a personal preference.

storkFrom Gena . . . I buy Luvs and Huggies. Huggies is what I was given at showers so we stuck with them. Then I decided to try Luvs because of advice here on StorkNet because I was having leaking problems with Huggies and could also smell the urine. I purchase my diapers at the military commissary (shopping center). It's a few dollars cheaper. They're $18.00 vs $10.00 for a pack of 56 size 3's Huggies being more $$$. I love the Luvs. They don't leak and I don't need a special night time diaper and they don't smell. They're great!!

storkFrom Kel . . . We use Pampers Baby~Dry and are die-hard fans!!! Riley was a breastfed baby and had really explosive poops every single time he fed. We had gotten Huggies as a gift and were using those at first, and boy, what a MESS!!! UGH! They leaked around the leg openings, and they actually smelled bad after he would urinate. Don't get me wrong, we changed him about once every hour, so it's not like he was in them for a long enough time to reek. After we went to Pampers, we never ever had a single problem with leakage OR odor at all!!! We used Luvs for my older two, and we were absolutely convinced that they were the BEST diaper ever. Well, over the past few years, the quality has gone downhill, while the price is getting awfully close to the more "name brand" diapers. In fact, they used to be about $3.00 per package cheaper than Pampers and Huggies. NOW they're only about a dollar less. IMO, the lack of quality now isn't worth saving that buck! I would absolutely recommend Pampers Baby~Dry for boys and girls!

storkFrom LizF . . . We also use only Pampers Baby Dry. The hospital sent me home with Huggies newborn and I HATED THEM. I recently tried Huggies size 2 -- just to be fair -- you know maybe it was a size thing but she leaks out of Huggies like there is no tomorrow! Back to the Baby Dry for us!

storkFrom Elsie . . . BIG HUGGIES FANS HERE! Isn't it funny how different people have such different opinions about diapers? We have used Huggies since coming home from the hospital. In the hospital they gave us Pampers and I didn't like them at all! I didn't like the "plastic-y" feel of them and I didn't like the sticky tabs and they sagged off of Thomas most of the time (and he was no tiny baby at 8 lbs. 8 oz.). We have always used Huggies Ultratrim with no trouble. We tried the Supreme once, but Thomas got a bad rash (I thought because of the thickness?) and so we didn't use them anymore. At around 6 months of age when he started really sleeping long at night, the Ultratrims didn't work anymore for the long haul. Now we use the Huggies Overnites for the night shift and the Ultratrims during the day. LOVE 'EM!!

storkFrom Amy . . . We use Huggies now. We also used the Wal-Mart brand but my son is thin and long and when we found one that fit one way, it would not another. Pampers, Luvs, Drypers, and one other brand all broke him out at the elastic legs! Wal-Mart seems to generally be the cheapest. Because Jonathan is so long and thin we have found we need to use the Supreme when he first increases a size and then go to the Ultratrim (more diapers a pack later). I also love the overnites!!!! Much happier and longer sleeper now that we use those!

storkFrom Mandi . . . We only use Huggies Ultratrim in my house. I have both a girl and a boy, and we have never had a problem with leaks on either. In fact my son is in size 4 and my daughter is in size 1. I used Pampers newborns because they had the notch and noticed that they switched to cloth like covers also. I buy mine at Toy R Us or Babies R Us, because they are always running $3 off a mega pack and they accept manufacturers coupons also so I save a minimum of $4.50 a pack, which drops the price to $13.50 a mega pack. I think it's a pretty good deal. We also tried the supreme brand but Cody developed a rash also. That's kind of odd. We also use the Overnites when I can remember too, but even if I don't, we don't have leaks.

storkFrom Robin . . . Another Pampers household! We usually use baby-dry, although premiums are also great. No smell, very little leakage. Huggies had sent us samples and I hated them -- poor fit and more likely to leak. The hospital used Pampers and sent us home with some and those seem to work best for our girl.

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