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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Exersaucers
storkFrom mommytonatalee . . . We have the Evenflo Supersaucer. Natalee loved it but has gotten too tall for it now. I highly recommend this product.

storkFrom qwert . . . I, too, have the Evenflo Supersaucer. Just got it as a shower gift, however, Mikayla is too small to use it right now. The person I received it from said their son LOVED IT! I've assembled it and it looks like fun.

storkFrom Bezz . . . We used the Graco Entertainer, and I couldn't get my son out of it! It had so much for him to do - he loved the mirror, the little star that played music when you hit it, and the duckie floating in the water. And the fact that the seat spins is a bonus - he could turn to whatever toy he wanted to see at the moment at his own will. It was also very sturdy and held up well. (On another note - I've read that babies shouldn't be left in any exersaucer for more then 30-40 minutes at a time, since they are still building the strength to support their necks at that age.) Another reason I loved it and used it as opposed to a walker was because he could not move any where in it, so if I had to turn my back for a minute, I knew he was safe. I got it for my shower, but it was on my registry at Toys R Us for, I believe, $59.99.

storkFrom Telina . . . We were given the Evenflo Supersaucer as a shower gift. Alexis loves it.

storkFrom Licagita . . . Another Evenflo Supersaucer lover here! We just got it for Taryn. She only stays in it for about 10 minutes at a time now, but she loves it ~ especially the Bingo wheel.

storkFrom Grayson's Mom . . . Our 7 month old son LOVES his Evenflo exersaucer (we call it the 'flying saucer'). I would highly recommend it!

storkFrom Kathie . . . We have a Graco Rockin Entertainer, and it is a wonderful invention. Ryan still plays in it in the morning while I'm getting dressed for work and he's almost 11 months old. We also borrowed a Graco tot walker from a friend about a month ago. We just keep in the kitchen and Ryan flies around the room while I'm fixing dinner. The exersaucer is a better option though since you'll get longer use out of it and the height is adjustable.

storkFrom kitcat4 . . . We have the Evenflo Ultrasaucer and Annalisa loves it. It has been a godsend. My DH and I can actually eat dinner at the same time now.

storkFrom berly . . . Add us to the list of Evenflo Supersaucer lovers! Before Noah was walking on his own, he loved to play in his supersaucer. The amazing thing was, I somehow got it on clearance at Walmart for $30 I've seen it several other places since, and never for under $60 - what a bargain!

storkFrom LisaJo . . . It took Natalie a few times in this to start liking it, but now she really enjoys it. We really scored on this, as I got it free from another LLL mom! My only complaint is this: her favorite thing is the mirror, and they have it mounted under this spinner thing. This prevents her from putting her mouth on the mirror, which she badly wants to do (!) and it frustrates her. I have a friend who said that her baby got bored of the toys after awhile, and she would rather have had a plain exersaucer that she could put her own toys on. I'm just passing that along!

storkFrom JenT . . . We have the SuperSaucer too and Grace loves it.

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