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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Baby Gates
storkFrom AmyL . . . I have the Gerry walk through Stair gate. I love it. It foils Jonathan's climbing attempts very well and keeps him from coming down the stairs headfirst. I have the supergate 3 for the bottom of the stairs, as the other did not mount on the stair railing. It is okay, very portable, but Jonathan has attempted climbing. It also just does not handle the shaking as well. I also have a wire mesh gate . . . booooo hisss. Bad purchase on my part. Jonathan just climbs it.

storkFrom Kelly . . . We use the Gerry Walk Through Gate and love it! Haylie can't climb it, and Kevin and I can simply open it and walk through rather than stepping over it and possibly falling down a huge flight of stairs. (The cats get over it easily to access the litter box). We will probably get another one for the bottom of the stairs soon as we are finishing the basement and will be spending more time down there. We got it at K-mart about $30-40.

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