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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ High Chairs
storkFrom Jennifer . . . We have a Kolcraft reclining high chair. I give it an A+! I've been very happy with it so far. It is very easy to clean and easy to adjust. The tray slides on and off very smoothly and evenly. I chose it because I was looking for a high chair when Vincent was about 3 months old, and I liked the reclining feature, which I needed at the time. I also found a recommendation on it from this board. We got it from "babyfurniture.com". The shipping was free (hooray!) and it was priced very reasonably, around $59.99 I believe. So far, so good.

storkFrom Elsie . . . We have the Chicco Mama high chairm and we love it! We loved that it has so many different positions--from reclining the seat to lowering and raising it--to choose from. I also love the fact that you can fold it up and put it away so that you aren't forever tripping over it. It has wide legs and is very steady and seems so safe. It has a comfortable seat. It is easy to clean. It has wheels. We love everything about it! We did not actually buy it. It was a Christmas present for Thomas from his Grandma. It is on the higher end of the price range for this product. I don't know if we could have afforded it if it weren't for Grandma. But I still think it was well worth the price! We love it!!!

storkFrom Jill R . . . We have the Peg Perego Prima Pappa. We chose it because of the wheels and the reclining feature. Grandma bought it at Babies-R-Us. The cost was about $160 - if it wasn't a gift, we might not have got this one. I haven't used it much yet; but I love that it reclines, rolls around, and is easy to clean. It also folds up, which was an attractive feature in our old house, but we moved in January and now have a huge kitchen, so I just leave it set up all the time. Plus it matches our kitchen (navy blue and white).

storkFrom Jill . . . We opted for the chair that attaches to our dining table. Space wasn't really an issue, but we tend to try to avoid getting more huge baby items than necessary. We really liked the idea that DS was part of the family meal, not stuck out in neverland by himself. Just personal preference. It was about 35 bucks and folds flat for storage and travel. It fits on most tables, even picnic tables for camping! I held DS to feed him until he was old enough to sit propped up in the chair. Come to think of it, I also fed him in his carseat, in the mostly upright position. DS used it until he got too big to get in and out comfortably, about 18-20 months.

storkFrom Marnay . . . This is a little embarassing but we got the Babee Tenda feeding station for like $400. Yes. you read that right . . . It is one of those things that has 50 million functions from, feeder, bathing station, swing, to chalk board, kids craft table, you get the idea. Would I buy it again? No. It is nice, but not worth the money. It is marketed as a safety item, which it is. It is square with a hole in the middle that the baby sits in, well there is a seat in the hole. I also bought the crib, (they saw us coming!), which I do like (don't ask what that cost!). Oh well, you live and learn. I actually also have a Graco high chair that I use just as much if not more, and it was like $40... Can you say SUCKER!!!!

storkFrom JeramiesMommy . . . Well we have the Peg Primma Pappa and LOVE IT!!! It is on wheels, reclines, has 4 or 5 height adjustments (can't remember right now ) and just LOOKS sooooo comfy. I looked at so many high chairs at Toys R Us and they were falling apart in the store so I knew they wouldn't hold up for a couple years. We paid $169 for it at a Baby News Store here. It was pricey but well worth it! Oh and I also got the "leatherette" style and it's just like leather, easy to clean and doesn't crack.

storkFrom TripletMom . . . We have the Graco Neat Seats; so far they are good. We bought them because they have the shoulder harness and the waist belt so it would keep them in their seats and not trying to climb out when they get older. I think they call it a 5 point like a car seat. It also reclines in 3 positions and also has a height adjustment in like 4 or 5 positions. We bought it as Babies R Us. It was 59.99, but we got 10% off each one because we bought 3.

storkFrom Missy . . . We bought a Playskool 1-2-3 high chair. It reclines for a newborn seat, has the regular position for the high chair, and the has several height positions for a toddler chair. We bought it for several reasons. First, it was being clearanced out (1999 model) at Babies R Us for $40--too good to pass up. Second, my huband used the same one for his two daughters from a pervious marriage and my sister-in-law has the same chair--they both loved it. Another draw was the reclining feature and the fact that the tray has one-handed removal. I also really like the "toddler chair" feature because it has so many level--we tried booster seats, books, etc. with my stepdaughter, and it was a big pain in the neck. All in all, I expect that we will really like this chair when we get to use it in May!

storkFrom Marj . . . We have 2 chairs. We have a Graco high chair that my sister gave us. That stays at MIL's house. We have the Babee Tenda Safety Chair. The safety chair was DH's when he was a babe. So we got lucky and didn't have to buy either one. YES!!!

storkFrom MommyBess . . . We bought the Fisher Price 1-2-3. We bought it for the reclining feature and the first one I owned I happened to find at a thrift store for $14.99!! So when #4 ws born in November, I bought another one (already had gotten rid of the first one) at Babies R Us (floor model on clearance) for $40! I love it because it has multiple seat heights, reclining feature for younger babies, easy to pull tray in and out with one hand feature, easy to clean and fold up easily for storage. I also had a booster seat for my third son when he was a toddler. It was by Safety First and it was great! It folds compact for traveling, has tray so it can be used without a table or the tray can come off to be used at a table and the seat flips over for 2 different heights.

storkFrom Samantha . . . have the Playskool chair too. It reclines for infants, has 6 height adjustments, has a bar between the legs to prevent escapes when the tray is on, but the bar is removeable when you use the chair without the tray for a toddler, has a pocket on the back to store bibs, has a very nice large molded tray that removes with one hand and cleans up very nicely, has removeable pads for cleaning, also. It was great when DS was first learning to eat because it contained messes and spills. We have also used it for coloring, markers, playdough, and paint and it contains the mess and cleans easily. Now we use it as a toddler chair pulled up to the table with us for dinner. DS loves it and so do his parents! I could go on, but I'll spare you and end with we got it at Baby Depot for $60 and it has been worth twice that.

storkFrom Kimberly . . . We bought the Graco Neat Seat because of the adjustable height and reclining positions. We bought it at Wal-Mart for about $69.00. We love it. Dh seems to find it comfortable and it is easy to move from room to room.

storkFrom Kim . . . We bought the Peg Perego, Prima Pappa, Leatherette. After testing everyone in Babys R Us, it seemed the best model. It cost about $169. I'm not very happy with it. My daughter has always seemed too small for it. She's 21 months old now and still doesn't fit right. The tray is just too high. My biggest mistake with this, buying the white leatherette. My daughter is a squirmer, she gets food all over this chair. I find it very hard to get sauce off it without staining. I've also had a problem with the "leather" coming off after scrubbing it. I've tried to get in touch with the company to buy a new cover, no luck!

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