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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Medicine for Infants/Kids
storkFrom Susan . . . The only medicine that I have always had success with for cough/cold is Pedia Care Cough and Cold Formula. The doctor always suggests Triaminic, but this works so much better for us. I can give it to Mason at the first sign of a cold and it knocks it right out!

storkFrom Liz . . . Elizabeth is 7 months old and (thank-goodness) the only thing I have had to give her is Infant Tylenol Drops. It has worked very well for us. She's had to take it a couple of times -- mostly after vaccinations. Once she had a sore throat and was having trouble eating because of it. The pediatrician told me to give her the Tylenol every four hours and she was able to eat again. There are two flavors -- Cherry and Grape. I think she likes the Cherry a little bit better (but will take either flavor well.) One time I gave her a generic brand and she refused to take it. So even though the Tylenol cost a few pennies more, we stick with the brand name because she likes the flavor and will take it easily.

storkFrom Janet . . . I use various products for both kids. Lexi, 5 1/2, will not take Tylenol so we have to have Motrin on hand for her. If I am out and desperate I have to hide the Tylenol in some juice or hot chocolate. She also takes Benedryl (for allergies) and Triaminic soft chews, orange for stuffy nose due to cold. The latter two cost in the $4.50-$5.00 range. Jessica's miracle drug is Tylenol cold. I give it to her at night when she is really stuffy after a bath and along with the vaporizer, really helps. One time when she had recurrent sinus infections the pediatrician told us to buy neo-synepherine mild and put 3 drops in each nostril every 4 hours but to only use it for three days on, three days off. It was a miracle! I buy everything at the supermarket.

storkFrom Bezz . . . I swear by Motrin for pain and fever. It seems to work so much faster than Tylenol for my kids, and it lasts longer. For colds I use the Tylenol cold medicine and that seems to do okay. I usually buy these at Drug Emporium, since they are the cheapest drug store around my way. I always have coupons on hand too, so that helps!

storkFrom ElsieB . . . Thomas has had both Tylenol and Motrin for teething and fever. I tried the Motrin more recently when it was recommended to me during a bad teething bout. I felt it worked better--faster and longer--for him than the Tylenol. For his one and only cold, we used Dimetapp (doctor's recommendation for stuffiness) and it was GREAT! It did wonders for his symptoms and helped him feel better during the week that he fought off that darn bug.

storkFrom Bridgett . . . When Haley had a cold, our doctor told us to put her on Dimetapp. (It didn't seem to work too well though.) We had to get a prescription and then we found out she had Asthmatic Bronchiolitis (so not many cold medicines would have worked for this). We use Tylenol when she goes to get her shots and it has really seemed to help. Haley has never had a fever in her life yet *knock on wood* so we haven't used it to reduce fever, just as a preventative after immunizations. We normally buy our medicines from K-Mart or Wal-Mart. They seem to be the cheapest.

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