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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Monitors
storkFrom Hannahsmom . . . I have the Fisher Price lights & sounds monitor. I have been pretty happy with it. I can get to the end of my barn (400 ft) and still hear her. I do get static but her noises still come through. I did find you can't really rely on the lights. Most times they work but I was mowing one day and kept watching for the lights. Good thing I picked it up to put it to my ear as she was crying and no lights. I haven't tried other monitors but I do like this one. Hubby would like the one that you can see her but not for that much $$$. This one was about $25.00.

storkFrom Bridgett . . . We also have the Fisher Price Lights and Sounds Monitor. We got it as a Shower gift. We love it and still use it even though Haley just turned one. I've seen them on sale at KMart for $19.99. I believe they normally run around $24.99 on average though. We really like the tv monitors too but they are way too expensive!

storkFrom zachs_mama . . . We have one of the newer Safety First monitors and LOVE it. The receiver came with a rechargeable battery already in it so a lot of the time we don't even need to use the chargers.

storkFrom wenzday . . . I have the Fisher Price Lights and Sounds monitor. We got it at Babies R Us for around $25. I loved it for about eight months . . . then it just stopped being reliable for some reason. It's plugged in so it's not low batteries or anything like that. I figured that it must have been made to die after so long. I know a few moms who have gone through multiple monitors so maybe if used a lot they are all like that!

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