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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Pacifiers
storkFrom Jennifer . . . Oddly enough, Vincent NEVER would take a pacifier! He just wasn't interested if nothing was coming out of it, LOL! Nick was my pacifier baby. That was years ago, but if I remember correctly, I used the Gerber orthodontic pacificer with him. He seemed to like the shape better than the flat/oval shaped ones. These days there are sooo many more choices, and I'm very interested to see what the favorite picks will be.

storkFrom Gena . . . We bought the Nuk brand with silicone nipple. We got it as a gift originally. I don't remember the cost, but we bought more at Target. I love them first off because he loves them and it helps with the crying and secondly, I tried the Gerber brand and the nipple just isn't shaped that nice and Nuk is and seems to stay in the mouth better.

storkFrom Samantha . . . Collin loves the Evenflo nuk pacifiers with the air holes. I tried to get a different brand for his daycare, and he spit it out immediately and looked at me as if to say who do you think you're fooling? LOL

storkFrom Sue . . . We use the Mam pacifier. It was given to Luke in the hospital. We tried the Nuk and the Avent, but he preferred the Mam overall. I bought more at Babies R Us for $3.?? I am very happy with them. Mainly because Luke is happy with them!

storkFrom Tiffany . . . Katie liked the Mam pacifiers. I started using them because she just wanted to suck all the time even when she didn't want to breastfeed. She quit wanting one around 8 months. She would take any pacifier I gave her, so I gave her the one I liked! LOL! They were $2-3 at Wal-mart and I loved the clips that you could get with them.

storkFrom Lis . . . We are using the NUK brand. We also use the same nipples for consistency. We chose this brand because my son was a preemie and had a hard time latching on to anything else. We purchased them at Target, Meijers, and BabysRUs. The cost $2.50 for 2. The silicone ones are a little more. Babys R Us was more than other stores. We like them because Brian likes them. Also, with the nipples, he can control the flow of milk because the hole is on top and he has to use his tongue to release the milk. We found other nipples just dripped out and made him swallow. Sometimes when he wasn't ready. A negative, if you use angled bottles, it can be tricky to line up the angle with the hole in the nipple.

storkFrom Nancy . . . We use the Nuk orthodontic. It was recommended by our dentist. We bought it at a drugstore or Wal-Mart. It cost about $5 for two. Sarah loves them. She only uses them at naptime and bedtime now and once she's asleep we take it out. But it seems to be very soothing to her and I would prefer that she suck on the "choo choo" rather than her thumb. I did that and my front teeth were pushed out of alignment.

storkFrom Dawn . . . We purchased the Gerber/Nuk passies for Matthew and the Mam silicone only and 4 months and up for Zackary. For Matthew, that was what we had and he took to it. For Zackary, the Mam was the only one he'd take. We got them at Babies R Us for $3.99 for a pack of two. We were happy with these because it's what the boys were happy with.

storkFrom Bridgett . . . When Haley first started using her "binky," we used the Nuk Orthodontic one! The first was free (from the hospital); we paid $3 for a 2 pack at Kmart. We tried the Mam and she HATED that one! We used the "binky" for approximately 2 weeks. She was never "crazy" about it so that's all the info I have. She's not a "binky baby".

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