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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Playpens
storkFrom Jennifer . . . We have a Graco Pack and Play (I actually got it at my shower, but had picked it out.) I chose the Pack and Play because my sister recommended it, said it was easy to fold up and durable. It was purchased at Toys R Us. I believe (if I remember correctly) that the cost was about $60.00. I know that the smaller sized ones were a little less money. For the most part, I am happy with the Pack and Play. It is pretty easy to open and to put away, though it took me a few tries to really get it down! The mat is easy to clean. And my sister was right - it is very durable!

storkFrom Jill R . . . We also have a Graco Pack and Play. I love how quickly it sets up and breaks down. I think it was about $65. It also has the changing pad, which is nice when you are traveling. My parents are out of town, so we also use it as a portable crib. You can buy sheets to fit. Right now we have it set up in the dining room as a "downstairs" crib. They are available at Target and Babies R Us. I would definitely recommend it to anyone who travels, or has a 2-level house.

storkFrom Missy . . . We bought a Graco 3-Way Pack-n-Play with the full bassinet and smaller changing area. We bought it at K's Merchandise for $108 plus tax. We live in a two-story house, so we don't want to have to go upstairs to the baby's room every time he needs changed or needs a nap. So we decided to get the 3-Way to put in our downstairs sunroom right off the living room where he can sleep and get changed easily. It also comes with a little bag that hooks over the side and holds diapers, wipes, etc. We haven't actually used it since the baby won't be here until May, but we played with a lot in the store and it seemed easy to get up and down and to move with one hand.

storkFrom NancyG . . . Pack and play for us too! I too got it at my baby shower. Sarah loves her "space" even now and will sit and read her books with a stuffed Pooh under one arm. I think they are around $75 here in Canada. We use it as a crib when we visit Lou's parents up north. I would definitely recommend it as it is strong, easy to handle and carry and very washable.

storkFrom Bridgett . . . We have two playpens. Both were given as shower gifts. My sister got me the one I really wanted ~ the 3 Way Graco Pack N Play with the bassinet and changing area. It's great! We use it as a portable crib when Haley spends the night at Mee Mee's or Nanny's house! I love it! The other one is the traditional kind which is collecting dust in the closet. I can't bring it back because there isn't a receipt or a tag on it!

storkFrom Tiffany . . . We have the Graco Pack n Play Bassinet. It is so easy to fold and unfold. We have used it in numerous hotel rooms and at Grandparents' houses. I love the bassinet feature. I could put Katie down for her naps in it instead of in her crib on the other side of the house. Now I put Katie in it when I need to go in the other room or get a quick chore done. She will not sleep in it anymore. We bought it at Toys R Us for about $100.

storkFrom Mysta . . . My dad bought us the Graco Pack n Play (seems to be very popular!). It is very easy to set and take apart, although sometimes I would have trouble with it. We used it as a portable crib for Dylan, although now we hardly ever use it. I sure hope it'll come in handy one day with Ethan because the few times we have used it didn't seem to be worth the cost.

storkFrom Elsie . . . Well, I'll change the trend here. We have the Evenflo Play Crib. We bought it at Bergstroms (great local baby and kids store) with cash we received as shower gifts. We chose it because it is packable and easy to transport and set up. It was on the lower end of the playpen spectrum in both price (though I don't remember exactly how much we paid for it) and "extras" (no changing tray, no wheels, no toy pocket on the side, etc.), but that was fine with us! We wanted a basic, safe playpen. We are very happy with it.

storkFrom Samantha . . . We got the Regency 3 in 1. It is a lot like the Graco, but we chose it over the Graco for some reason. Right now I can't remember what we liked better, but there was something. We have enjoyed it. We've used it as a portable crib for our toddler while I was pregnant. Then we used it as a bassinet in our room when we brought GA home, but she didn't like sleeping in it much. However, I don't think she had a problem with it, I think she just wanted to sleep with us! I plan to use it a lot more as she gets older to sleep in when we travel, to play in when big brother wants to go out this summer, when she gets mobile--to keep her safe while I cook, etc. We bought it for around $100 at Baby Depot.

storkFrom KellyBelly . . . We have a Graco Pack n Play Bassinett and we loved it. It's great with a two story house. Lauren would nap in it as a newborn so I didn't have to go up and down the stairs. It's packed away now because the bassinet attachment is only good for a few months. But we use it when we go on vacation. It's a great portable crib. I think my SIL paid $109.00 (it was a shower gift), but well worth the money.

storkFrom Marnay . . . We too have the Graco Pack n Play Bassinett, but I bought it used on eBay for like $50 with shipping. I knew we wouldn't use it tons so didn't want to spend $100. We mainly use it as a portable crib when we go out of town. Delaney hates to be confined; she is so used to having free run of the house.

storkFrom Heather . . . I registered for the Evenflo Osh Gosh playcrib and got it this weekend but pretty sure I am going to take it back. It is much heavier than the other ones and much bulkier. It does have wheels but will still be a pain to take anywhere because of how heavy it is. I don't even think I could lift it to put it in my trunk!

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