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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Gliders/Rocking Chairs
storkFrom Jera . . . We got the glider/ottoman combo. I can't remember what the brand name was now but it was the only one at Sam's Club! I liked the way this one was wide and made of good sturdy wood, not cheap spindles. Also the cushions are square and can easily be recovered if needed and are really soft. Plus the price was right! We bought it at Sam's Club for $240.00 for both pieces. I love it. It's very comfortable and built well. AND it doesn't squeak when I rock the baby!!

storkFrom Dawn . . . I'm not sure of the brand I bought but I liked the fact that it has a wide back that kind of fans out and has a sturdy build. Mike's a big guy and he doesn't feel squished in it. I bought it at Service Merchandise for about $250.00 I believe. We're very happy with it. We bought this in 1995 and we have not had any problems with it . . . still no squeaks . . . it has a wide frame and is very comfy.

storkFrom Elsie . . . Ours was not purchased but rather inherited from my Grandma. It is an antique Boston rocker. We are very happy with it. It squeaks and makes noise when you rock, but Thomas got used to that long ago! I love it! I couldn't resist answering this poll, even though my answers probably won't be very helpful to anyone. I had to put in the good word for tradition!

storkFrom Tiffany . . . I have a Dutailer Glider and Ottoman. I love it. We bought it from JCPenney for about $275. Katie loves to be rocked in it.

storkFrom CBrockway . . . We purchased a Dutalier Glider/Ottomen set. It was $500.00 and worth every penny. We purchased it at Lavin Baby Center in Miami. We chose ours because the cushions are very thick and the arms are padded as well (this turned out to be a very important feature as our son grew). There are also pockets attached to the sides which come in handy every time we're in it. They're great for telephones, glasses, etc. I just love this glider. My son turned two in February and I'm still nursing him in it. It's just the most comfortable one we found. Hint: A good time to go shopping for one is in your third trimester when you are your most uncomfortable. I went after work each time and knew that I had found "the one" when I didn't want to get up!

storkFrom boysonlymom . . . I do not know the brand. My hubby bought it for me two years ago at Home Depot for about $150. I loved it at first. One year later it fell apart and makes lots of noise.

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