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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Sippy Cups

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 . From Corrie ~ We currently have the Gerber brand (which I really like for the soft spout and the grips on the handles). However, DS is getting more and more independent as he nears 1 year and likes to throw it around (off his high chair, etc.). The plastic piece inside (the 'no-spill' element), pops right out when the cup hits the floor, and then it leaks. Any suggestions for a truly 'no-spill' sippy cup (and one that can withstand exuberant little boys!)

 . From CHR ~ I use the avent sippy cup nipple on my avent bottles. Ivey throws them around like crazy and we haven't had any problems. They are also easy to screw on unlike some other brands I've tried. I've got a set of cups (not sure about the brand) that it takes 2-3 times to screw the lid on without them leaking.

 . From cutienibbler ~ I used to love the Johnsons Healthflow cups. I hope they still exist so I can use them with Lauren.

 . From Moppel ~ We also use the Avent sippy cups/sippy cup nipples. And then we bought the handles that go with the Avent bottles. (They're sold seperately.) DS throws them around like crazy, and they never leak or drip. I love them. I like that you don't need extra bottles, just the nipples, and they go on the regular Avent bottles. So Avent bottles truly grow with baby.

 . From 2bighogs ~ My dd#2 doesn't use sippy cups (can't get the hang of 'em and she prefers straws), but dd#1 used the Playtex ones with a rubber valve. They never popped out, no matter what she did with them. However, the spout is hard plastic rather than a soft one. Hopefully you'll find something that works!

 . From Paige ~ I like the Avent as well. I think they are easier to keep clean and I like the soft spout for teaching young ones to use the cups. And I love the fact that you can take the leakproofing out and then sort of drip the milk in for teaching purposes. I have the Platex for Briggie and I am constantly fishing out the rubber inserts out of her milk.

 . From Mom2Spence ~ I've had good luck with the Playtex insulated sippy cups. I haven't had any trouble with the valve coming loose or out and rarely leaks.

 . From Meli-Mel ~ I've always used the Playtex cups and have never had a problem with the valve coming out.

 . From Susan Michelle ~ We were having the same problems with the Gerber for our DS. Just bought the insulated Playtex sippy cups and so far they are working great!

 . From Book_Worm ~ We've got the "semi-disposable" cups from "First Years". They're not great, but not bad, and you can't beat the price.

 . From clover ~ We also use the "semi-disposable" cups from First Years. I would not recommend them though for your situation. If DD throws them to the floor, they can bust open. They are cheap, so replacable, but I've had to clean up a couple of big spills. Otherwise, I DO recommend them as a first sippy cup because they are lightweight and easy to get liquid out.

 . From Licagita ~ We use the Playtex ones with the rubber valve - never had a problem with them.

 . From OreganoMom ~ We've always preferred the Playtex cups. I really like the new insulated ones, especially since we only use spill-proof cups in the car.

 . From davismommy ~ We've had a terrible time with the Playtex insulated cups. They leak like crazy. I've got the same problem with a 2 year old that loves to drop the sippy cup. I just bought some new insulated Gerbers and they've got a really tight seal between the valve and the sippy. So far so good. Also I've noticed that after awhile the Gerber seal seems to loosen up. A new cup seems to solve the problem.

 . From Christine ~ We use Inzone Kids. You can get them at Wal-Mart. And they are cheap so if one gets lost and later found with nasty old milk inside, just toss it! They are like little sports bottles.

 . From Deearne ~ The "AnywayUp" sippy cups in various sizes work FANTASTIC. They are also sold under the NUK label. No rubbery valves to clean or position correctly, just a cup and a lid!! They're pricey, but worth the extra $$ IMO. I've not had one accident yet and my son has thrown his around A LOT! It also fell off the car roof one time going at a decent speed and still didn't shatter. They do take a bit to get used to because the spout is not soft, but I figured if they want what's inside, they'll learn pretty quick.

 . From Jax ~ We used Avent and Playtex and liked both. You can always call Playtex and complain. They will replace any that you have problems with. I'm the queen of complaining. If I have a problem with anything, I call. I once had a package of Huggies diapers where the side tabs ripped off when I just tried opening them and they sent me a coupon for a new pack. Another time, the ziploc thingie was broken on the jumbo wipe bag and they sent me a coupon for free wipes.

 . From Kimber1773 ~ I have had the worst time with sippies. Everyone I have found leaked out the side. No one else seems to have these problems. I have tried Parent's Choice, avent, playtex, gerber (the place you put the valve cracks over time too), Evenflo. You name it I have tried it. I know only buy Nubby and Inzone. They are cheapies at Walmart. They do not have valves in them that you take out and clean seperately. The Nubby works the best. It is a soft silicone nipple that is similar to a bottle nipple but they don't leak at all unless compromised. So cheap and replacable. Good luck. It has been a long and expensive jouney for us.

 . From Nicole ~ Boys in thirteen years and six I've gone through tons of sippy cups!! The worst cups I've had were the Johnson's health flow cups; the rubber valve continuously falls into the drink, even without having been bumped! My experience with the Gerber cups hasn't been much better although it does take a good impact for the valve to fall out. I find the valves very difficult to clean, where the rubber attaches to the plastic becomes very stained and needs to be replaced often. The best cups I've used goes to Playtex. I've used these cups for several years before the valve eventually wears out and starts falling out.

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