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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Slings
From new_here ~ We're getting ready to buy a sling for our soon-to-arrive little Penguin. What's your favorite brand? Have you had an clunkers to warn us about? We're looking for something that both DH and I can use and that's good for nursing (while online, on the subway, at the park....)

From jordy ~ Either the adjustable fleece pouch or the kangaroo korner unpadded sling, both available at kangarookorner.com.

From 2forMe ~ I have both a maya wrap and a Nojo. The nojo (once I figured it out, had it first) was much easier for me to use, but the Maya was so much less bulky! I liked the better adjustability too. I never could BF with the Nojo. I know I would have with the Maya, but other issues arose before I bought it and I had to quit nursing. If it's mainly for nursing, go with the Maya!!!) If you will be doing any airplane travel, one will be indispensible. Before 9/11, it was nice; I could have the Nojo on and walk thru security with baby inside. The maya's metal rings would halt that. However, now they make you take baby out anyway, so it's not an issue.

From Laura Z ~ I have a rebozo and love it! We still get a lot of use out of it with our 31.5" 23+ pound DD. Right now, we mostly use it to distribute her weight more when we're out walking and DH uses it when he puts her to sleep. When we first got it, it apparently would have been perfect for nursing. I never could get DD to latch on, but the first time I put her in the rebozo she tried to nurse right through my shirt!

From merrily ~ I have a Nojo and an over the Shoulder Baby Holder. I love the OTSBH and dislike the Nojo. The Nojo's rings are harder to adjust and my baby got too hot in it. THE OTSBH was made of a lighter, more breathable fabric. I know a lot of ladies swear by the Maya though. And some make their own, if you're the crafty type.

From Licagita ~ I love my Over The Shoulder Baby Holder, bought it online for $35 and still use it with my almost 2 year old! She gets all excited when she sees me putting it on

From NicoleE ~ I originally had a Nojo, but hated it. It was too bulky and too difficult to adjust. Now, I have a Maya wrap, and I love it!

From PaulaSue ~ I love both the Maya (made my own version) and the NoJo. I would borrow someone's and try it out before spending the money on one. You might also want to ask on the AP board.

From Ursula ~ I like the Maya wrap and the Nojo. I didn't like my OTSBH.

From Psnyder ~ We love the Maya. Puts baby in the perfect position for nursing, adjusts easily, and doubles as a blanket if you forget yours.

From PennsylvaniaMom ~ Has anyone used the baby trekker? I'm a large woman,and I always had problems with slings,but next time I have a baby I want to get the baby used to a sling,and I want a sturdy sling. The trekker looks more sturdy anyone use it?

From RobinW ~ I tried the Nojo and the OTSBH with my first and didn't like either. They have too much padding that I found unnecessary. I just bought a Maya-like sling made by a SAHM on the internet and it's so much easier than the other two. Plus, I'd much rather support a SAHM who makes things than a big company.

From Lisa Jo ~ I disliked the Nojo, tolerated the OTSBH (too much padding and bulk) and really liked the Maya. I didn't use it much as we got it late in the game, but if I were doing it again I would use the Maya from day 1.

From Frogmorest ~ I have an otsbh and loved it for the first while but for some reason once we started with the hip hold the padding ALWAYS dug into my neck. I made my own Maya copy and will never go back! So my vote is for either the Maya or a copy!

From OregonMama ~ I love my Nojo, it is so comfortable, and keeps baby cool in the summer. The OTSBH's make the babies so hot!

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