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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Strollers
storkFrom Jennifer . . . We have a Graco stroller, and I am not very happy with it. The wheels are all over the place, making steering very difficult. It's not easy to fold up. It has a handle that can be moved from one side to the other so you can have the baby facing in or out, that was the main reason I bought it. But now the handle is starting to get stuck all of the time, and seems to be on the verge of breaking. Needless to say, it seems we may be in the market for a new stroller very soon. I'll be glad to see the reviews so I can get some ideas!

storkFrom Mandi . . . We have the Graco Duo Glider Deluxe Stroller. With a 2-month and 18 month old, it's a necessity. The Graco car seat clips into the back and Cody sits in the front. It's thin and I can fit through aisles that I couldn't fit through with my single Evenflo stroller. We paid $140. But with two kids, it is so worth it. I would recommend it to anyone with two smaller kids. The reason we bought it was because we could hook the car seat into the back, like a lot of the single strollers. We got ours at Sears, but Target also carries them for the same price if not $10 more. It's the best!!!

storkFrom Bridgett . . . We have the Graco Lite Rider. It's great! Not too big to haul everywhere but not tiny either. It reclines back or sits straight up. I've seen them for 50-60 dollars. I got mine as a shower gift from my two aunts and grandmother. I love it.

storkFrom Gena . . . I have a Graco Stroller - not sure which model. It's for one. I really like it. It sits up or reclines and rides the bumps great!! The wheels move really well with turns, etc. and it is easy to flatten/fold. I don't know how much it was because it was a gift from my family.

storkFrom Jill . . . We have the Century 4-in-1 travel system. It was described in an article I read (after purchase!) as the "SUV" of strollers. That's a perfect description -- it's big and bulky, but nice all the same. I love that the infant car seat snaps on the stroller. I also love the smooth ride. But, it takes up most of the trunk space and can be hard to fold and lift in and out. I would probably opt for a smaller stroller the second time around. It's about $160 at Babies-R-Us and includes the infant car seat and base.

storkFrom Keri B . . . I also have the Century 4-in-1-travel system and I love it! Yes, it's a bit big, but I like the way it handles. I drive an SUV (Expedition) so the size doesn't bother me. I think it folds up and assembles very easily. My MIL has a hard time getting it into her trunk but I think it's just the way her trunk is made. (Which I think is ridiculous since they just spent $40000+ for a Cadillac!! I wouldn't spend that much money and then end up with a small trunk!) I like the fact that the car seat snaps into the stroller, either facing you or facing out. When it's facing me, the canopy on the car seat meets the canopy on the stroller so she can be completely covered up. It has a HUGE basket and a nice cup holder with a covered "snack bin". Everything comes off and can be machine-washed. I bought it at Toys R Us for about $150-160. There were 3 levels of the Century Travel system and this one is the top one. I don't remember though all the little differences. I was only able to get this one because I ended up with 3 brand new Exersaucers from my showers! After my dad had bought me one from his neighbor! So, I had the extra money to spend and then some!!

storkFrom Naydene . . . I have the Combi Kidsport and love it! It is pretty light 15 pounds and a large basket and nice canopy. It steers very nicely. I paid approximately $50 for it online, which was a good deal! I also have a big stroller someone gave me but after my dd was 3-4 months. It wasn't so great; it was made for babies to lay flat in more than sit up, and after four months my dd didn't want any part of lying down in the stroller! If I were going to do it all over again I would probably go for one of those Snap and go frames to hook the infant car seat to, and then use my Combi.

storkFrom Sheryl . . . I have the Peg Perego Triplette stroller. We chose this one because we liked the look of this one the best. There are only about four companies who make triplet strollers, so it really narrowed our choice down for us. We bought it through the Triplet Connection. It comes from Italy though so we had to wait about three months for it to come in. After we bought ours, I noticed that Babies R Us started to sell them so we could of got it a lot faster. It cost $525.00. We are very happy with it so far. The drawbacks are that it doesn't fold up like regular strollers though because it's soooo long so you have to take each seat off and then fold the handle bar down, it's very heavy too; it weighs 50 lbs.

storkFrom Tica . . . I have the baby jogger. I bought a factory second in a batik color. I chose it because I love to walk. I went walking with all of my friends and their strollers. They were heavy, hard to push and as the kid got heavier, it became impossible to get up on curbs and make it over the sidewalk cracks. I chose the jogger because of ease of movement. I purchased it online for $200. YES I LOVE MY JOGGER AND I WOULD BUY IT AGAIN.

storkFrom Ladyleen . . . I am such a big walker that I have purchased two strollers. The first was an Emmajunga that was nice quality but had a few features I didn't like. Price was around $200.00. My very tall son pretty much outgrew it by the time he was 2 so I purchased a Baby Jogger which I LOVE. It handles so easily, and Sam is much happier in it. Collapsing it for the truck is a breeze. The only drawback I know of is that people tell me they are not good to maneuver in the mall because they are so long, and they are not good for tiny babies because they cannot lay flat, hence the reason I bought the Emmajunga in the first place. I don't go to the mall so I have no personal experience. The website Tica mentioned has factory seconds, which are hugely discounted. Mine was a $300 stroller I got for $200 because it had a scratch on the aluminum frame! The main reasons I bought it was that my son outgrew the first one, and the resale value on baby joggers is incredible! I should be able to sell it for nearly what I paid for it!

storkFrom Dawn . . . We had a Fisher-Price carriage type of stroller for my first son. It had three reclining positions, seemed to be a great stroller. We bought it at Toys-R-Us for around $80.00 At first I was happy with it, but has he grew, it was hard to steer, and very heavy to push as he gained weight. We also bought a Graco LiteRider because of the price and weight. We bought it at Wal-Mart for about 40 bucks. Three and a half years later it's still in use. For my second son, we've used a Century 4 in 1. I loved it because the carseat which was able to be used with it and the stroller was big enough for what we wanted. We got it at Babies-R-Us for about $150.00. We were very happy with it until Zack decided that he could crawl out of it; without a bar in front of him he escapes. So we bought an Evenflo because of the size, ease and a BAR in front of Zack. We bought it at Babies-R-Us for $70.00. We finally have something that our monkey boy can't climb out of and that he's happy in. As you can see we've been through a few strollers. We've finally found the one.

storkFrom Liz F . . . I'm doing a two-phase approach to strollers. Elizabeth is 3 months old and still using her rear-facing baby carrier. So, I bought the Snap-n-go LX. When she grows out of her baby carrier, I plan to buy the Peg Perego Milino Stroller. I bought the Snap-n-go because it's super light. It's just a little frame that allows you to plop-down the baby carrier. It clicks on from the bottom just the way the carrier clicks into the base of car seat and it also has a little seat belt to hold the carrier in the frame. It's so easy to use and so light and you never have to take the baby out of the car seat . . . a big plus when she's sleeping. When she's older, I plan to buy the Peg Perego Milano stroller. I like the features, it seems sturdy and well made -- something I can hand down. I got my snap-n-go as a shower gift, but I think they got it at Babies R Us. Again it was a gift, but they have two versions, one is around 30 and the other is around 50. So far I am VERY happy with my plan. Of course, I don't have the Peg Perego, yet. But the snap-n-go has been wonderful, easy to use, light, and everything I had hoped for!

storkFrom Tracy . . . I have a Cosco Duo by Geoby (front and back); it is great! The front seat can face either forwards or backwards; it has large canopies for both seats that remove easily for cleanup, and the basket is large underneath. Even with my 40 lb preschooler in the front it isn't hard to push/steer. It is padded nicely and the print is attractive. I bought it at Wal-Mart for just over $100 but have seen it higher at Babies R Us; I think it was $120. The only drawback is it's weight when folding it up. It is large and would take up a lot of trunk space but since I have a full size van that isn't an issue for me.

storkFrom kimkim . . . I brought the Peg Perego Venezia style and could not be happier. I chose this brand because of the high quality and reputation. The handle is reversable and the seatback fully reclines which is perfect for my 5 week old. I use it most everyday and it strolls great even on grass. It folds up with two steps using your feet. I brought it at Babies R Us. It was a floor model so I got a discount off of it. It is well worth the money I spent - $250.

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