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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Thermometers
storkFrom Cathie . . . We use the Braun ear thermometer. I have liked it so far. You have to be sure to have it in the ear correctly or it could be off a degree or two. I also use glass - it's just hard to beat the old standard.

storkFrom Bridgett . . . We got the digital thermometer as a shower gift, and I love it. They used the same type at the hospital Haley was born at. You just have to remember to add a degree when you use it under the arm. It beeps when it's done so you don't have to time it. We also got another digital thermometer from the hospital. So, one is Haley's and the other is ours. I think I've seen them running for around $8 at K-mart too.

storkFrom Keri B . . . Guess I have to say ditto to Bridgett's post! I had purchased a digital thermometer while I was pregnant and trying to stock up. Then, the hospital gave us one in the going home kit. Our pediatrician's office also uses these, so I figure I can't go wrong!

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