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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Children's Toys ~ 0-6 Months
storkFrom Jennifer . . . When Vincent was a new baby, we found that he loved to lay under his activity gym and stare at the colors and shapes while listening to the music. Even before he could reach for things, he was content to just lay under his gym and watch. He also loved the Pooh mobile in his crib. We had the Fisher Price Lights and Sounds Activity Gym (I think that's the name; it's been a while!). It was $35.99 at Toys 'R Us. We chose that one because of the music and lights, which were very soothing to him. We were very happy with it. And very sad when our oldest son decided to lean on it one day and one of the legs cracked from the pressure. By then Vincent was about 10 months old, so we just said goodbye and did not replace it. But I know he still loved it - especially liked to pull up on it and try to push it around, LOL!! So this toy was one that would have lasted had it not been for that incident.

storkFrom mommytonatalee . . . Natalee loves anything by Sassy. We bought these toys for her because they are so bright and colorful. Her favorite is Fascination Station. All their toys run between $4 and $10. I buy most of hers at Walmart but I know Toys R Us sells them too. We are very pleased with their products.

storkFrom Bridgett . . . Haley's favorite toys were: Fisher Price Lights and Sounds Activity Mobile. My step dad got it for her. I've seen them for 29.99 at Kmart. She also loved her Evenflo Super Saucer from 4-7 months old. The Supersaucer runs around $55-70 dollars depending on where you buy it from. As for toys; she liked and still does like anything that plays music and most Sassy toys!

storkFrom ElsieB . . . Well, not a whole lot of "playing" goes on in this age frame. But one thing that we had for Thomas sticks out in my mind as absolutely the best thing--both for him and for me! We got a Gymini baby gym at my baby shower. It is the classic one, primary colors, with the arches that go over the playmat and toys that hang down from them. We used it with Thomas right up until he learned to crawl and started crawling out of it and on to more interesting things in the room. It was so great to be able to lay him in this gym, and he would stay fascinated by all the toys that hung above him. I could change the toys at will which was nice and kept him interested. I even changed him in it and he was even known to nap while laying there! His pediatrician commented at his 3 month appointment that he was great at reaching for objects (Thomas always tried to grab his stethoscope) and I am convinced that this toy had something to do with that. A great, great toy for this age!

storkFrom Laurie . . . Nathan loved his overhead gym. I brought the first year's one that converts to a walker when they get older, but as a overhead gym it was really basic and too low for him to reach; he started pulling them all down. He loves any toy that he can put into his mouth, either plastic or soft. The supersaucer is now his favorite, but I think he may be getting bored with the toys. I think his next new favorites will be anything that make noise and lights up. He seems really interested in them.

storkFrom Marina . . . Our twins love their Fisher-Price Peaceful Planet Aquariums. (We'd bought one, then went out and bought another for the second crib when we saw how much they liked the first one!)

storkFrom Ladyleen . . . My sister gave my son a wonderful flannel doll that was a stuffed head with a body that was just layers of flannel, with knots tied in the ends. The knots were sort of like hands. The knots were wonderful for baby to chew on, and the doll was a soft and cozy little blanket-like friend to have tucked in the stroller, or bed, or whatever with baby. I especially liked it as I am concerned about the warnings that babies should not chew on plastic, so I did not let my son have any plastic teethers. The doll could also be thrown in the washing machine. I don't know where my sis got it as she is in a different state, but I saw a similar one in the hearthsong catalog, and it was not cheap ($25.00).

storkFrom Sheryl . . . I tend to agree with Elsie. My girls loved their gymini activity center. I even changed their diapers as they were playing with the toys overhead; it kept them occupied long enough for me to change them! I also had the peaceful planet aquarium and Hannah loved it too; it is great!

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