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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Children's Toys ~ 12-18 Months
storkFrom Great2beAmom . . . The toys I bought for my son for ages 12 to 18 months are: Matchbox trucks, Walmart has a lot of variety and they're $5 for 10 of them. A video -BIG RIGS up close and personal from the Learning Express store for $14.99. He asks to watch this video and when it's over he says "geen" (again).

storkFrom Bridgett . . . Since Haley just had her first birthday party, we got a lot of gifts that she loves. One of her favorites is a frog called "Little Leap." He plays the alphabet song and you can interact with him by pressing letters on his belly. Haley just loves him to death! I've seen them at Kmart and they run around $30. Another neat thing is VTech Storytime Rhymes (it's for 6 months and up). Haley loves to sing and dance with this book, and she also presses the buttons to listen to the music and/or the story. I think I've seen these for around $12.99 at Walmart.

storkFrom Elsie . . . There are two things that come immediately to my mind as things that Thomas has loved since turning one.

(1) BLOCKS! He has many! He has the "Baby's First Blocks" set from Fisher Price (also a shape sorter). He has the Fisher Price stack & build blocks that come in a big bucket. He has the blocks that came with his activity table. And he has this dump truck that is full of big Lego style blocks. They are forever all over the floor because he loves them all! He builds them up, stacks them, knocks them down, sticks them together, pulls them apart, sorts them, puts them into buckets and trucks, dumps them back out again, has us build things for him so he can knock them down. All of his blocks have brought him endless hours of fun. And they can also be used to teach colors, shapes, numbers . . . they are a great toy for this age!

(2) Thomas has two little "radio" type toys that he can freely play music on. He loves them! I'm sorry I am not sure of the brands. One is a radio that has a red antenna and a dial on the front of it. You turn the dial to get different songs (Muffin Man, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Farmer & the Del, etc.). Then you push down the antenna and the song plays. The other radio he has has a purple button that you push to get a big variety of different songs. It has a happy face and a spinning play cd in it. He loves both of these because he can play music and dance anyplace he wants! One is in the car all the time (for outings) and the other is in the house. Great toys!

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