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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Children's Toys ~ 7-12 Months
storkFrom Bridgett . . . Haley loves all of her V-Tech toys. One in particular is the Spin and Go Snail. I believe it's for 12 months and up but she's been playing with it since she was six months old. She just doesn't pull it behind her while walking. All of V-Tech toys are a hit with Haley. The Spin and Go Snail normally runs around $20 at Walmart or Babies R Us. She is really into books too, especially the Touch and Feel Books. These run around $6 or $7 depending on where you go. One of her faves are the good ol' traditional stacking blocks. The little set you get for like $7 and they are blue, red and green triangles, squares and circles. She loves playing with those! Once she started cruising, she loved her Activity Walker put out by Fisher Price. I've seen these run around $20 but my mom bought Haley's at a garage sale for $6.

storkFrom Sheryl . . . My girls loved the Today's Kid's Music, Lights & Sounds Activity Walker." Also by Today's Kids, they loved the Electronic Sounds Activity Rocker. They liked the "bouncing buggy" by Safety 1st. It's kind of like an exersaucer.

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