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Product Opinion/Review

Product Reviews ~ Travel Items
storkFrom Paige . . . We haven't traveled with this one yet since I have two in school and have to be close to home. But with Stu we traveled tons. Most of the time we stayed in hotels, and he was a mostly bottlefed baby after about four months. So the biggest thing we had to remember was a little squeeze bottle of soap to wash out the nipples and bottles. And we brought our own water from home. I never used distilled or bottled water for bottles, but do believe that they should use the water that they are used to so as to avoid tummy upsets. So depending on the length of the trip, I would fill up a couple of milk jugs with tap water and then away we went.

storkFrom Bridgett . . . So far the longest trip we've taken has only been a three hour trip. We do take one hour trips twice a month though. We'll be making our first long distance (17 hours) trip during Christmas this year so I'd appreciate a little help too. I'll share some of the things I take when we go on our trips out and what we took on our three hour trip.
* a Spray bottle filled with water is GREAT for cleaning dropped toys or nipples (and pacifiers if using them). Those antibacterial wipes are also great for wiping items off and tables down (if you'll be making food stops).
* a big Ziploc baggy for storing dirty clothes/bibs, spoons ,bowls etc. until you can get to a washer.
* Travel toys
* A Pack and Play is great if you are visiting relatives out of state
* Keep a prepaid phone card with you in case of emergencies!
* A list of doctors and hospitals in the area you will be traveling through and that are covered by your insurance.

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