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Product Opinion/Review

Product Review ~ WombSong® Prenatal Sound System
Reviewed by Catherine Switzer
Product Description:

The WombSong® Prenatal Sound System lets expectant mothers and their families enjoy two-way communication with their baby in the womb by:

  • Playing music
  • Talking and singing
  • Listening to and recording baby's sounds in the womb

Research shows that brain development begins in the womb and continues at an astonishing rate during the first years of life. Early in the third trimester of pregnancy, babies can hear and recognize sounds. With the WombSong® Prenatal Sound System, parents can nourish their baby's brain with sounds while listening to and recording baby's response to the stimuli.

The WombSong® Prenatal Sound System includes: WombSong Prenatal Sound System, Mozart WombSong Collection CD, headphones, microphone, connector cables, carrying case and belt.

Developed with medical and educational experts, the Em-bry-on-ics® Learning System enhances development during this vital growth period and beyond. The entire line of Em-bry-on-ics® products stimulates the senses, builds learning skills, and nurtures creativity.

Parent Review by Catherine Switzer:

There are so many products out there on the market for baby development that it is not surprising those products include pre-birth. WombSong is a product created from a wonderful idea; communicate with baby by hearing baby and baby hearing you. Included in WombSong is the WombSong prenatal sound system (speaker and stethoscope), headphones, and microphone. They also include a Mozart Collection CD and a cable to hook up to your CD player for baby stimulation.

The WombSong Mozart Collection CD was very enjoyable. I did play the CD for my baby often, but from our regular CD player. It was soothing while I cleaned or played with my son. The product comes with a cable to hook up to a stereo system, but with a curious toddler, it wasn't convenient for me to sit in one place with an enticing cable to pull! I think that baby would've probably heard the music more clearly through the WombSong system, though.

I was unable to find my baby's heartbeat with the stethoscope part of the device. I tried several times during the last trimester. The stethoscope was great for listening to the heartbeat of my almost 2 year old though! It provided much entertainment for him and me as we took turns listening and laughing.

I really like this company, and think they make very interesting and fun products. My son adores his Mozart Magic Cube from embryonics. It is definitely one of his favorite toys!

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