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Product Opinion/Review

Specific Product Reviews ~ My Breast Friend Nursing Pillows

 . From Trixi . . . I just ordered one of these - I had a Boppy pillow that was ok for nursing, but not great for the "football hold" which is my preferred position for nursing (also best position for post c-section, which I am having on Thursday). This pillow seemed to be rated higher than the Boppy for nursing - has anyone tried it?

 . From ShannonH . . . I have it and it is excellent! I also have the boppy and it is, by far, inferior to the My Breast Friend pillow. After getting the My Breast Friend, I only used the boppy as support for my son for tummy time and sitting support. You've made a good purchase, one I think you will be thankful for.

 . From homebirthx2 . . . I had a My Breast Friend nursing pillow for my first nursling and then it got so weak that I needed to get another type nursing pillow for our latest one. Well, everyone was talking about a Boppy and so I got one and I hated it, so thin compared to my other one that I needed an extra pillow under it to have it help me (I thought that was ridiculous). I went out and bought another My Breast Friend nursing pillow and still love it. I also have a Kushies Nursing pillow that goes around your front just like the My Breast Friend only without the back and it works great on road trips, going to church, restaurants, etc. and even has a handle for easy carrying. I love this one too because it is small and compact (gets the job done just like my big one does at home).

 . From KiwiZ . . . I got one of these as a gift with my first baby and I love it! Still have and plan on using it when baby #2 arrives. It fits well, is comfortable and has little pockets that I cram "spit up cloths" for those inevitable moments after feeding. This pillow saves your back because I tend to hunch over my baby while breastfeeding unless I got support. The only thing I don't like is the loud noise the velcro makes when you take the belt off (it often startled my daughter). I tend to use a rubber band to tie up the strap, the pillow "fits" me well enough I don't need it.

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