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Product Opinion/Review

Why or Why Not? ~ Boppy Pillows

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Q. From allgirls . . . I have the boppy pillow, and I wanted to know if it is worth keeping. My son is due any day now, and I am breastfeeding and have large breasts. Did anyone love it or hate it?


storkFrom Laurie . . . Keep it. I love mine and used it many times a day in the beginning with breastfeeding. It is great to use to prop your baby on its belly for playtime and helps with support for sitting. It also washes up great--just throw it onto the machine and dryer.

storkFrom RVPmom . . . I LOVED mine! Used it to get the right position and comfortable the first several months. Congrats and good luck!

storkFrom Sarasq . . . I love mine also! It is great for nursing, and it is great for her to sit in too. When she was newborn, she could lean back into it and now that she can almost sit up, it is great to help support her so that she doesn't fall backwards. Keep it and you will love it!!!!

storkFrom Libby . . . I feel two ways about mine. I breastfeed in a footballhold, and I find that the support isn't that great on the sides as much as the front. But it is great to prop a baby in and I can see uses for it in the future.

storkFrom Bezz . . . I think you should keep too, you won't be sorry. You'll love it! It is great for supporting the baby in a lot of ways. Good luck!

storkFrom larakay . . We had many uses for it. My DD hated tummy time but would do tummy time on the boppy. When she couldn't sit up by herself, it was excellent to use to prop her up in. We bottle-fed and even DH used it in the beginning to feed her. (although he did stretch it out a bit!)

storkFrom HPFLAF . . . I love mine. DD is 5 months old and we still use it every time we breastfeed - I am lost when it is in the wash.

storkFrom Michelle L . . . I love the boppy. I am extremely large chested and the boppy helps keep my back from hurting while breastfeeding.

storkFrom postcardgirl . . . I didn't have one with my first two kids, but after hearing so many raves about it, I bought a used one at a resale shop AND HAVE NOT USED IT!! I can't; it's too uncomfortable. I used a small couch pillow under my arm, but the boppy was too big. I hear that it's also good to use to prop your child up, so we'll see. But I'd hang on to it if I were you, just in case it works for you!!

storkFrom ColleenS . . . I am not breastfeeding but find the boppy pillow really handy for-what else-?? Laying Alex across my lap while I use the computer!

storkFrom kitcat4 . . . I really am glad that I got a Boppy pillow. I used it a lot more when DD was a newborn but I still use it now when I nurse her sitting at the computer. I also used it to prop her up before she could sit by herself and now I still use it and put her in to steady her a bit. (she still falls over once in a while) If you couldn't tell already, my vote is to keep it!!!!!

storkFrom Persephone2 . . . The boppy worked well for me, until I had to wash it. It really deflated in the dryer. Another board I frequent had ladies complaining about the same thing. But, on a good note, my son used to lay in it when he was younger (4-8 months) and he loved it! He doesn't use it much anymore; he's 16 months, but he might use it some day. I would actually use a body pillow for any future children. I know that they're awkward shaped for nursing, but they don't deflate as quickly as a boppy does. That, or I'd make my own and stuff it better!

storkFrom Mandi . . . Personally I would say KEEP IT!! The first thng I use it for, of course, is breastfeeding,and i am also large (very large) chested. Even if you don't use it for that, it has so many other uses. My daughter has a hard time sleeping at night due to congestion and I was told to put her in the carseat to sleep. She HATES her carseat and I prop her up slightly on that. It has sides so she can't roll and since she and my son both sleep with us, he loves to use the side of it as a pillow. I really hope you keep it; I think it will be very handy for you.

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