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Product Opinion/Review

Specific Product Reviews ~ Bravado Nursing Bras

 . From Damiana . . . Anyone tried them? Good, bad, mediocre? I have big boobs anyway, and these days I'm packing an E. Do they offer enough support without making a woman look like she's hiding a pair of rockets in her sweater?

 . From Navygrrl . . . I have one, and I have big boobs, and I don't really like it. I like the design, but it's just not very supportive for me. It's a great bra for nighttime though.

 . From jenb . . . I don't really like them as they give you the "Uni-boob" look. I prefer the Medela bras.

 . From dominic'smom . . . Try the Melinda G bra. I am "packin'" F's myself and these are so supportive and pretty. They are seamless and stretchy without being too stretchy. They are lacy and they come in black and blush.

 . From jacbyrd . . . I really like the Bravado bra, but then, I am a small C right now, so I don't need all the support you do. I would think that they wouldn't offer as much support as you would need. I tend to jostle quite a bit in them.

 . From paacollins . . . I love my Bravado bras. I am a D on one side an a DD on the other and I get plenty of support with Bravado. They aren't as restrictive as some but that might mean they won't offer as much support as other bras that have a firmer "hold".

 . From Damiana . . . My big thing is that I don't like bras that seem to pull all your breast up into a cone, then point the two cones away from each other. It's like my breasts are mad at each other and have stopped talking! I like for everything to be facing forward.

 . From footballmom . . . I love Bravado bras but I also love the Medelas. I'm a DD and they fit fine without the cone look (but I don't feel like it's the uni-boob look either). I thought the bravado washed better and lasted longer than my Medelas.

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