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Product Opinion/Review

Specific Product Reviews ~ Britax car seats


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 . From Dixiemom ~ I am trying to decide what brand of car seat(s) to purchase for my kids. The youngest is 5.5 months old and is about to outgrow the length for his carrier seat. The oldest will be three soon and she is about to outgrow her evenflow convertible seat (not to mention it is about worn out). I am considering the Britax Roundabout for the youngest and the Marathon for the oldest. However, they are quite expensive. Are those seats worth the money? Anyone have strong dislikes/likes of those seats? Any other suggestions for me to consider?

 . From doglover ~ I have the Britax Marathon and *love* it! I like that it is really plush and very well padded. The straps are very easy to use- no twisting. My ds really likes being in it and never fusses.

 . From Bridget ~ I have two Roundabouts and LOVE them. Britax makes the best/safest seats around. Comfy, safe, easy to use. They are not cheap though, but worth the money!

 . From cutienibbler ~ I have a Britax Marathon and we love it. It's pretty cool looking too, we got the arctic cat print. The straps don't twist and Dd is comfy in it. I have no complaints.

 . From SharonCC ~ They are worth every penny. The Marathon even more so because you can use it for much longer. Buy them, you will *not* regret it.

 . From Deearne ~ Britax are sold here in Australia as "Safe n Sound" and are by far the best on the market. I have a friend who sells and installs car seats for a living and highly recommends them. In fact, they've stopped selling other brands as there was no comparison. I also have a "Turn a Tot Deluxe" by Renolux as well, one that is good for 4x4's as you can turn the seat towards you to get the baby in & out; these are good also and are the biggest selling car seat in Europe. When Chantelle grows out of the baby capsule, she will be using this (her brother used it and went into a bigger more roomier S n S (Britax) one when she was born). If I had to go back, I would just get two S n S (Britax) car seats!

 . From Paige ~ I have one of each although we are not using the Roundabout yet since Maureen is still in her infant car seat. I even bought one of the boosters for when Brigid is older and can be out of the 5 point harness. We have a guy here who buys huge pallets from FAO Schwartz (also the Right Start and Zainy Brainy) and sells them on Ebay. So I got mine from him at a huge discount. I was very lucky. But even without that, I would spend the money. They are easy to install, keep clean and Brigid can almost buckle her Marathon up herself which is great since we have moved her the third row.

 . From jacbyrd ~ We have a Roundabout in each car and LOVE them. I would have to disagree with the easy to install part . . . it really depends on your car. DH managed to get his installed in less than 10 minutes and there is zero movement. Mine took 2 professionally trained techs over an hour to get it in, but there is zero movement and it is SAFE which is most important to me! My mom has an Alpha-Omega and after using the Roundabout - the AO is a piece of garbage! The straps twist and it is hard to use. The Roundabout is definitely worth the extra money.

 . From Susan ~ I have a Round About and I love it! It is so easy to install - literally takes me a minute to get it in the car so that it won't budge. The seat belt clip on the side makes a huge difference in installation. And, the straps don't twist! Every other car seat I've had (Century, Cosco) has had straps that twist easily. The bottom of the seat is also flat which is much kinder to your car seats. It's also easy to clean - I've washed my seat cover many, many times because my dd gets car sick on long trips. If I were to buy one now, though, I would go right for the Marathon instead of the RA because of the increased weight limit. I actually plan on buying one in the near future for my older dd. I would not buy another brand!

 . From Nu Mommy ~ I have 2 Round Abouts and a Galaxy. The Galaxy worked very well immediately upon outgrowing the carrier. It reclined so that my son's neck didn't look like it was getting crimped when he fell asleep.

 . From willsmom ~ I have a Roundabout, and it was worth every cent. I love it, and when we have another child, I will buy another one for DH's car and get rid of the horrible Cosco one we have in his truck now.

 . From Jenn ~ Love our Britax! We have the Roundabout Advantage and I adore it! When we have another child I want to get the Marathon for Joshua and let #2 use the one he is in now!

 . From lizamac ~ We have a roundabout and a marathon and LOVE them both!!!!!!!

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