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Product Opinion/Review

Why or Why Not? ~ Dreft Detergent
Q From allgirls . . . I was wondering if anyone uses Dreft to wash their baby clothes and linens? I know it is free of all dyes and perfumes, but is it really worth the cost or can I use another kind? I know that Target and Ivory have knock-offs of Dreft. Does anyone just use regular detergent? Thanks!


storkFrom mommytonatalee . . . I also use Dreft. I think that it smells wonderful and it also seems to remove stains that my regular detergent doesn't. I am constantly getting coupons for it too.

storkFrom Libby . . . You have to be careful with what is advertised about Dreft and some of the other "baby" detergents. If you read the ingredients on Dreft, there are perfumes in it. Some of the "baby" detergents have the same ingredients as the regular detergents. Currently I use a perfume free detergent on the babies; clothes but plan to switch to regular detergent because there is no real reason to have separate detergents unless the babies have a sensitivity to the detergent.

storkFrom Drews Mommy . . . I use All Free and Clear on our clothes and if there are some items with stains, I throw in a capful of Clorox 2. Works great and there are no perfumes or extra cost for a "baby detergent." I don't have to do separate loads of "theirs" vs. "ours" either.

storkFrom Bezz . . . I used Dreft from the time my 19 month old was born, up until about two months ago. I LOVED the way it smelled and couldn't get over how well it took out stains. The cheapest place I found it was at Drug Emporium, only $5.99 for the big bottle! Now I use Wisk on his clothes. That's what I use for the rest of our clothes as well. It takes out stains very well. Somehow I ran out of Dreft and had to use the Wisk, and just never went back to buying it again. Although I do miss the smell!!

storkFrom larakay . . . We use Ivory Snow for all the baby stuff. It is also free of perfumes and dyes and is not as expensive.

storkFrom Monica . . . I use the same inexpensive detergent that we use for the rest of the family. I do add 1/2 cup of Borax to each load. Borax removes stains, pee smells, and spit up really well.

storkFrom Nichole331 . . . I love Dreft! I am always getting compliments on the way my kids smell. My cousin asked me why my baby smelled so good all the time and her's didn't - we finally figured out she liked the way the dreft smelled. It does have perfumes, ivory doesn't, but I think the dreft gives them that baby smell longer and I'm a big softie when it comes to that. Its' a matter of personal preference. On the other hand, most babies that don't have sensitive skin are fine if you wash their clothes in regular detergent, sometimes a rash can be solved by double rinsing and not using dryer sheets.

storkFrom KAS . . . I thought that Dreft also couldn't be used with flame retardent clothing. Can anyone confirm? deny? I used dreft in the beginning but now use regular detergent for all my 16,000 loads of weekly laundry.

storkFrom TES . . . I just prefer to use Cheer Free for my baby clothes and diapers. No fragrences or dyes or anything that might leave residue and cause a rash.

storkFrom postcardgirl . . . I used Dreft for the first few months of my son's life, then because we didn't have our own washing machine and had to do laundry in the laundromat, it was cheaper to wash his stuff with ours, so I stopped using it. Then when my older daughter was born, I just threw hers in with everyone else's, but found that I missed that smell and that some of the things that came out of Edward's clothes wouldn't come out when using Tide. So I switched back to Dreft and continue to use it on her clothes and her baby sister's (they're 16 months and 3 months). I just do their clothes together. The few times I've used Tide on some of Sarah's things, she got this horrible rash -- I think it's sensitive skin. I'll stick with Dreft for now!!

storkFrom ElsieB . . . It is not Dreft (or detergent) but FABRIC SOFTENER that can destroy the fire retardent qualities in children's clothing. You should never use fabric softener (liquid or dryer sheets) on children's clothing because of this. We used Dreft at first, but switched when my son was diagnosed with eczema at three months. Don't be fooled! It smells great, but can be just as harsh as "regular" laundry detergent if your baby has sensitive skin. We now use All Free and Clear for the whole family and I like it just fine.

storkFrom sydneysmom . . . I don't have time to separate all of our clothes for each of the 3 million loads of laundry I do every week!! I used one box of Dreft when my first daughter was born, then the novelty wore off, so I wash all of our clothes together with Arm & Hammer. It works great and is so much cheaper (and quicker for me!)

storkFrom kss . . . I use All free and clear. I started out using Dreft on all of my son's clothing, but after a couple of months, I switched to the free and clear. We made a trip to my mother's house when Parker was about four months and he broke out in a rash after the first night. So I went and bought the All and no more problems. He may have outgrown his reaction, but my mother still keeps All for his things.

storkFrom Wray . . . I never used Dreft because of the strong perfumes in it. I wash Zachary's clothes with the same detergent we have always used, Tide Free and it has worked great. I thow a little oxy clean on the tough stains before they go in the wash and that takes all the stains out.

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