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Product Opinion/Review

Why or Why Not? ~ Pampers Pop-Up Wipes
Q From Kerrin . . . Has anyone else had a problem with the new Pampers Pop-Up wipes container? I can get about 1 -2 wipes through the pop-up slot before the wipes fall out of the slot and back into the container. I am continuously having to thread the wipes back into the pop-up slot time and time again . . . very frustrating. Also, did anyone else notice that the stick tabs on the 'new' cloth feel Baby Dry diapers don't stick very well?


storkFrom Licagita . . . I am using my first box of Pampers One-Ups and I will never buy them again. I have stopped taking them through the top and just open the whole box, but because of the way they are folded, I end up pulling three out at a time. *annoying* It is too bad, because the wipes are not bad, just the packaging.

storkFrom JenT . . . Same here - I stopped using them. It was too frustrating, especially when I really needed a wipe!

storkFrom traci . . . I gave up on all those popular brands and now use Seventh Generation and really like them!

storkFrom peanutsmom . . . Pampers wipes are my favorite but I ignore the pop up part of the container and just open the whole lid. It is easier and less frustrating for me. I absolutely hate chubs wipes and find huggies natural care too dry. I don't have any problems with the stick tabs on the pampers not sticking but preferred the older style which gave you more per pack for the same price.

storkFrom Sarasq . . . I love the Pampers wipes too, but I also am finding the pop up frustrating. The wipes keep falling down inside for me too. I too found that the Huggies wipes are too dry.

storkFrom SharonCC . . The Pampers pop up wipes are more like zero ups. I won't use them. But I did make a great discovery: the new Luvs wipes are identical to the old Pampers Baby Fresh wipes. (same stuff, same box as the old Pampers wipes) So far I can only find them at Walmart. But if you were a loyal pampers wipes customer before their awful change, these are the wipes to buy. (Luvs and Pampers are both made by Proctor and Gamble). So while I was upset for a while about this, once I made my Luvs wipes discovery, I was happy.

storkFrom Marnay . . . I use the Luvs brand too. I am just waiting for those to change into the pop-ups too. I did write Pampers to complain and they sent me coupons for free wipes. Oh and if you have a Big Lots or a close-out store near you check them out. I got a nice supply of the old pampers wipes for half price! I just put them in my Luvs container!

storkFrom Alicia . . . OMG I hate them too. We've tried almost every single kind/brand of wipes out there, until I was satisfied. We use Pampers diapers, but I absolutely love Huggies Supreme diaper wipes. I also really like White Cloud . . . they are pretty thick, like a washcloth, and they can't rip apart.

storkFrom m.austin . . . Glad for the heads up on Luvs. I hate the way the Pampers are folded. But, my reasoning is that when I refill my travel packs that I use all the time, I end up with them all coming out when I need one. However, I love that they are thick and "juicy." Some are too dry! I emailed Pampers as soon as they made the change; I thought they would be thinking of refill type situations, but apparently not.

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