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Product Opinion/Review

Why or Why Not? ~ White Cloud Diapers (Wal-Mart)

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 . From lilpea ~ Anyone ever use these diapers? What are your thoughts. We're looking for a cheaper alternative to Pampers.

 . From cutienibbler ~ I used them a few times with my first dd. I didn't like them. They ran really small on my already thin daughter, I had blowouts which I didn't get with other brands. The cheap diapers from Wal-Mart that I love are Dri Bottoms. No blowouts and run larger than White Clouds. Dri Bottoms have velcro closures now instead of tape, they changed within the last few months.

Lots of people love White Clouds, may want to give them a try and see what you think.

 . From Wheezie ~ I hated the white cloud diapers. They felt a lot like cardboard to me. I recommend the Dri Bottoms (also at Wal-Mart). We never had a leak with them and they were still a lot cheaper than the name brand diapers like pampers. In fact several people I know IRL use the dri bottoms and love them!

 . From Dawn ~ We haven't used White Cloud just because they are the same (if not a bit more) than Luvs at our local Wal-Mart. Luvs are made by Pampers and we haven't had any problems with them.

 . From Mama2rzl ~ I use White Cloud at night; they've been OK. I use cloth during the day. I don't have any complaints about the White Cloud, other than they do run a bit small (Slade is 13 lbs and pretty much ready for size 3).

 . From smileyface ~ I would also highly recommend Luvs diapers if you like pampers. Great affordable diapers.

 . From Susan Michelle ~ I think it's different for each child. We had to buy Huggies for our DD, nothing else worked. She used the pull ups made by White Cloud and they were okay (she's back to Huggies again). We use White Cloud with our DS and the work great! No leaks throughout the day or night. Keep in mind, our DD was a chunky baby and DS is a string bean so I think that that has a lot to do with what diapers we have used on each.

 . From Kenziesmom ~ White Cloud are the only diapers that we will use. We tried huggies, pampers and luvs. White Cloud is by far the best for us. DD is average size...no problems with the size. She is in a size 4 and weighs around 24-25 lbs.

 . From Peterpan ~ When I used disposables I tried White Cloud and didn't care for them. I always liked the Pampers the best. We use cloth 100% now.

 . From KristaLove ~ White Cloud worked with skinny dd, but not with average sized ds.

 . From pinkbows ~ I love White Cloud and my dd is a skinny one so that might be why. I tried Huggies Supreme for dd, but they did not fit her right.

 . From Sarahbella ~ We've tried them all, and White Cloud diapers are the only one that will work for my son. My daughter was a Huggies girl...but Huggies, pampers and Luvs all leak on my son.

 . From missmeg ~ I've never had a single problem with White Cloud. I used them on both kids. I did find that White Cloud, BJ's store brand, and Smilies are essentially the same. So I go where the cheapest are.

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