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Product Opinion/Review

Product Review ~ WubbaNub Pacifiers

Lauren's review . . .

Child's Age: 7-11 weeks
Gender: Female

Product description: Red dog Wubba Nub

The nipple/pacifier on the wubba nub is similar to what we saw in the hospital; it looks like a bottle nipple, but sturdier and without any holes to suck in air. It is very securely attached to a small stuffed animal; in this case, the nipple is attached to the stuffed dog's mouth. The only downside to this is that I wasn't able to boil the entire nipple as with other pacifier brands to sterilize it. The stuffed dog seems to be well constructed and no beads or anything hazardous to choke on. I feel very comfortable giving this to my daughter and see no danger with the product.

I first tried it at 7 weeks, and although she was able to suck on it, she didn't have the coordination to hold the Wubba Nub in herself. She sucked on it almost immediately, but was frustrated when she realized nothing was coming out of it. She would suck on it for several minutes at a time, but could not get it back in her mouth on her own. Sometimes for naps (when she doesn't sleep as deeply) she likes to suck on a pacifier but she is not able to keep the Wubba Nub in her mouth when she turns her head to the side and wakes up. It works well for when she just wants to suck to fall asleep though.

At 11 weeks, she continues to suck the pacifier and is just beginning to sometimes put a hand or arm up to hold it in her mouth. I expect that she'll get better at this as she gets a little older as she is just starting to move her arms in more coordinated efforts, but lacks much control at this point. I imagine that by 3-4 months, it will be easier for her to hold the WubbaNub. I can see how the stuffed animal attachment will allow her some control much sooner than a pacifier by itself.

My only suggestion would be to offer it with other nipple choices. A few times she has gagged on it (she is a drama queen already!) and seems to prefer the shape of the Nuk pacifier over this nipple shape (although this could be because we gave her the Nuk first before we had the Wubba Nub). I know that the shape of the nipple varies from child to child though and another child might prefer this shape. I LOVE the idea of this product and think that if the nipple shape were different, she'd probably have an easier time with it. We still like it even with the nipple shape though.

Julie's review . . .

This interesting combination of pacifier and lovey arrived a few weeks ago and after a quick wash I put it to use. My 4 month old was able to grab the frog part of it on his own and since he is entirely pacifier-incapable normally, I was pleasantly surprised at his ability to "help" himself keep this one in. I even was able to tuck the frog's hind legs into his swaddling and it helped to keep it in while my son slept in his bouncy chair for a nap, which I thought was impressive!

The only thing I wish I could change about this product would be to change the type of pacifier it contains. The nipple size it comes with is very small and round-ish but my son prefers the wider, flatter and much bigger pacifier size. If there were a way to meld the two ideas (possibly to be able to customize the pacifier size/style), it would be incredible. It's an innovative product though and is the first thing my older sons grab to make our youngest happy.

Baby Gavin

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