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Safety/Recalls Cubby

Welcome to StorkNet's Safety/Recalls Cubby
     º Location, Location, LOCATION! Keep Your Children Safe from Poison
There were typically more than 1 million calls made to Poison Control each year. Remember location, location, location is the key. Learn more about poison prevention!
     º A Safety Slip: Don't Hold a Child in Your Lap on Playground Slides
Parents are unknowingly putting their young children at risk for leg fractures, says new study.
     º Consumer Product Recalls
Be sure to check out the latest recalls on infant/child gear and toys.

Featured Article
     º Check out these safety tips this month:
   º Keeping Safe from Carbon Monoxide by Mark A. Brandenburg, MD
   º Protect Your Child From Lead Poisoning
   º Six Ways to Protect Your Latchkey Kids by Steve Cross
   º Internet Safety - Do You Know Your Child’s Name? by Brad Peppard

Frequently Asked Questions
     º Click here to get started on your safety journey and read our frequently asked questions!



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