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What have you done for YOU recently?
~ A Message Board Archive
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From KimT:
I love being a SAHM, but there are definitely times when I need some "me" time. I recently took a 2 night interior design course at our town's high school and I loved it! It was so refreshing to be in a room with 20 other women, where there was no whining! Tomorrow (Friday), my husband is taking the day off so I can get some Christmas shopping done by myself. I really think it's rejuvenating to spend some time interacting with other women/adults without the kids. My husband is supportive so I do get my fair share of "me" time whenever I need it. Whether it's taking a long, hot bath or going to the movies, I think it's important to try have some "me" time. What have you done for YOU?

From Islandmom:
I totally agree with you. I make sure that I spend time with my friends each week . . . during the day, or evening. I will miss it when I have the new baby, and our life is upside down but once things calm down, I will make sure I have my time with my friends! I think women need time to talk with other women!

From Christyne:
Every Tuesday, I get together with 5 other ladies and scrapbook. We bring lunch to share and have a great time! It's just 2 hours, but it's MY two hours!

From WindsKids:
I have done nothing for me. Sad to say. I wish my husband would watch her and I could trust that she would be alright. The longest I left her with him was 30 minutes. He gets on the computer and he forgets about her and she is running rampant in the house. One time I came home and her chair was out the front door and she was getting ready to come outside by herself. The whole time he was sitting at the computer and didn't hear a thing,so if I had someone to trust to watch her,I would love to have some me time. Guess I will have to wait till she goes to school.

From MamaJAM:
With a 2 1/2 month old, I'm not really doing "me" stuff right now; he's too little to leave. But - before baby, and I'm sure we'll be starting up again in a few months, my husband and I tried to have a "date night" at least once every other week. We do everything from going out for dinner, to running errands, to a movie, to just hanging out as a couple. Yesterday, I did do a small "me" thing. I participated in a focus group. I was only gone for a little over 2 hours and left my 2 youngest kids with my parents (can you see, I'm still loaded with "Mommy guilt" for leaving them). I got paid $50 to taste-test ice cream and give my opinions on it! I just couldn't pass that up!

From Susan Michelle:
Since we're on our "countdown" to when the baby arrives (9 days), the only thing that I really get to do every now and again is take a nice bath with a cool drink and a book. Usually, I it ends up that I'm not alone as our daughter will figure out where I am and she'll want to come into the tub with Mommy. At least I get about 10 minutes or so to myself before then. After the bath is done, my husband is really good about taking her and getting her ready for bed and they will go downstairs to have Daddy/daughter playtime. I usually will go into our bedroom and finish reading a little bit, etc., for about 15-30 minutes depending. Really not that bad if you add up the minutes. I get around 20-40 minutes every so often to myself a couple of times a week. After the baby arrives, I'll be way too busy to consider alone time and since I'll be having a c-section, I won't be able to "escape" for a bath for a while....hmmm....maybe I'll still be able to read every now and again but I'm figuring when one is awake the other will be sleeping, etc., so there won't be much down time.

From Sorscha94:
I have started to attend a Wednesday evening Bible Study. It is at a house within walking distance and the hostess has excellent munchies. Since it is at someone's house, I leave my cell phone off.

From neza:
Even though my husband was not very enthused, I joined weight watchers this week. While he has her I also get to the library and maybe the fabric store. These are high temptation places for Sarah, so alone is nice. I also stay up late once a week or so to sew if I have the inclination.

From Mom-2-3-girls:
The third Friday of every month my three best friends (we are all SAHMs) get together and go out for dinner and a few mixed drinks. It is nice and relaxing. Sometimes we drink, sometimes we don't. But we are always gone for about five hours just chatting. We go to the same place every time and they have our table and appetizer ready. It is so nice. And if we have extra money the other thing I do is go and get my hair cut and/or colored.

From bookat:
I went and had a pedicure today. But that doesn't happen very often. I would rather go with Mom2-3 girls and have mixed drinks.

From amykw33:
I've started going to the gym -- they have a great day care center there, and they do arts and crafts and stuff. I feed Ben before we go, and he usually naps while the girls do their arts and crafts.

From avesmom22:
Well, I have to say that my normal SAH routine is getting somewhat stale. It is all just becoming somewhat too routine. So,I have decided,starting tomorrow of course, that I will switch things up a bit, clean house in a different way, add new routines to my daughter's days, spend more time just hanging out with her. My husband is somewhat incoherent right now because he has been working a lot of hours, but what he is going to find out is that he about to play a new role and occupy the sweetie girl while Mommy takes a bath, reads, paints her toes and a bunch of other things that I forgot how to do in the last two years. Wish me luck.

From Brocky:
After my daughter was born I spent all my time running after her and my husband. When I finally realized I was turning into a nagging and stressed sort of person and reasonably large to boot - I took up a sport. Kick boxing! Two, 2 hour long classes a week. What a wonderful outlet for stress and to give me some time where nobody knew I had kids or a hubby and I was just "me" for awhile. It was great. I had to give it up when I got pregnant with my second child (of course) and now again with my third but I will be returning to it!

From Ursula:
I went to the movie theater tonight. I really, really needed it. My husband has been saying I should get alone sometime, but I just haven't done it. Today I felt I needed and it felt so good.

From JanB:
My me thing is belly dancing classes, which I do once a week. It feels good, it helps me get in shape, and it gives me some badly needed time away to myself. It's just a couple of hours, but boy, does it ever help my mental outlook.

From lbird722:
Last night I had my husband watch my son while I took a LONG bubble bath. It felt so nice to be all alone with a tub and bubbles. I may make it a weekly if not daily thing!!

From AmyJo1013:
I got my hair and brows done (it was badly needed) yesterday, and my new hairdresser was awesome; we had great talks about nursing, etc. Then today I actually got up and spent 15 minutes doing my hair back into the style that the hairdresser had it in. I've spent too long in a ponytail, so this feels good to think I look good for once.

From PattiS:
I am right now going through RCIA with my sister-in-law who is converting to my religion so every Tuesday night I go to class with her for 2 hours. I also get a little me time in the evening, sometimes I go see a movie with a good friend.

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