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Any ideas for a lonely SAHM?
~ A Message Board Archive
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From katy ~ My son is 1 month old, and I am terribly lonely. My DH works 12 hour shifts--6pm to 6am. It's such a long time to be alone with just an infant to keep me company. I do not have a car right now. My best and really only good friend in the area just moved several hundred miles away in August. I don't live near anything. And it's too cold outside for my baby to go outside with me. So, anyone more creative than me? Any ideas? I just can't watch tv all day long. I NEED to have some kind of human contact. Or at least SOMETHING to get me through the long day before my husband gets home!

From BeckiS ~ How about some crafts, or join a local group like YMCA they have programs that may benefit you and your child, and you may make a new friend along the way. Just a suggestion though.

From KateG ~ I was thinking of some crafts too - maybe teach yourself to sew or knit, if those things interest you? As your baby gets older and more mobile, you'll have less time on your hands, so it might be a good idea to start a series of short-term projects, rather than diving in to a long-term commitment while you're still recovering from childbirth. Maybe something like building a website for your new baby? Or read books you've always wanted to read?

From FLMommy ~ Have you thought about looking for or starting a playgroup? I did both and it has totally changed my experience as a sahm. I started a group at my church. We meet twice a month and are going to start taking "field trip" together. Also there is a large nationwide group you can look for. Here's a link. I've heard it's great.

Call your local churches; many have playgroups open to the public. I'll bet if you found a nice group and explained your car situation, they could help you to get a ride. Sahm's are very supportive of each other.

When your child gets older, you will feel less lonely, as they begin to interact with you more. I know your child is young, but once he is older, you can find a story time at the library, that's lots of fun. And a great way to meet other moms. Hang in there. It gets easier as your child gets older. You could even be experiencing some post partum depression. Talk to your doctor about it at your next check up. It's very common and treatable.

From huntergirl ~ Just bundle that baby up and get out! I always feel down when I've stayed inside too long. Put him in a warm sleeper, wrap him in a blanket, put another blanket over the stroller to keep the wind off, and be off. If you're really concerned about keeping him warm, try microwaving rice in a wool sock to tuck in next to him.

From JenElizabeth ~ The hospitals where I live have breastfeeding groups and mom and baby groups. I'm new in town and it's these groups have been great for meeting new people!

From katy ~ Thanks for all of your suggestions! I am going to try to start some crafts and get more involved in church. Yes, I can occasionally take my husband to work so that I have the car. It's just difficult because it means getting Jacob bundled up early in the morning, and he tends to wake up for good when I do that. 6am is WAY to early for me to wake up in the morning! Thanks for letting me know that I can safely take Jacob out in the cold if he's bundled enough. I am so clueless when it comes to kids! I am looking forward to taking him out for walks. Unfortunately, the stroller is in the trunk of the car, which is at my husband's work right now! Oh well, I'll try next time.

From Mom2MNMz ~ When I first moved here and did not know a soul, I checked out our subdivision newsletter and saw the note on the playgroup here and called the coordinator up. She was so wonderfully helpful! She even arranged a ride for me to come to the playgroup! And we had only been here for 10 days! If you do find a group, don't be afraid to ask about a ride. These ladies are wanting adult interaction and someone to play with their children just as much as you are! They would probably trip over themselves to help you out!

From Monica ~ Try MOPS international for a group near you.

From Tamara ~ I remember how hard the newborn days were . . . postpartum hormones and trying to get adjusted to the new life as a mommy. I felt lonely too--mainly months later when things calmed down a bit. I still do feel lonely but a few things have helped:

I joined a new mommy's support group. It was free through my community and it really helped to get out of the house and meet other new mommies.

Last fall, I became a consultant for House of Lloyd and put on cooking parties. It was so much fun getting out and making a little money while interacting with adults! (I didn't do it this fall, mainly because I became pregnant again and was too tired but hope to do something again next fall.)

Earlier this year I joined MOPs- I also highly recommend it. It's a non-denominational group for mothers of preschoolers- ages newborn- 6, and it meets twice a month for crafts, speakers, small group discussion and snacks- all while the kids are in their classes. (Babies are welcome with their moms, though.) I love it!

I also started trying little crafts on my own . . . I started trying my hand at making wreaths, for example, and just took up scrapbooking.

I'm still in a need for more close friends like I use to have but these things have really helped. You're not alone! Good luck!

From Preggo Pea ~ I can really relate to how you feel. I moved to a new state with 12 weeks to go in my pregnancy and felt so isolated. Knowing no one really is difficult. I found a mom group, and it was a good way out. Also, I got into scrapbooking which was a great escape! I also made myself go outside every day . . . bundled Jake up and went for a walk. (pretty funny to see us--wearing him in the snugli and having about 6 blankets on him!)

It's a double whammy--being post partum and in the situation you are in. You will come out of it--hopefully you can get the car a few days a week. That will really help you. Best wishes! It will get better (And...you always have us here online!)

From katy ~ I can't thank you all enough for the encouragement!

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