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  • SAHM FAQ ~ frequently asked questions for moms at home written by Kate Gadsby

  • How to Plan Playdates: 15 Strategies for Fun and Successful Kids' Get-togethers
    Oh for the good old days when the kids roamed free in their neighborhoods! Now, instead of socializing on the corner, children visit during "playdates," having friends over at appointed hours. Here are some great tips for planning and hosting fun playdates.

  • Turning Green as a Stay at Home Mom
    Being a stay at home mom means you're there to set a great example for your children. Wouldn't it be nice to show them how important you consider helping our planet to be? Learn more from author Stephanie Foster.

  • 5 Minute Meditations
    Between spending quality time with our children and running our households, there is often not much time left over to concentrate on looking after ourselves. It is easy to forget that even five minutes of closing our eyes and clearing our minds of minute-to-minute clutter can go a long way towards recharging our mommy-batteries. With this in mind, here are ten 5-Minute Meditations; short, simple tools for keeping centered as we go through the day.

  • Making the Tough Budget Cuts When One Parent Stays at Home
    When times get tight the guilt starts. Many at-home parents start wondering if it's time to head back to work. In many cases there is a better option. It's time to start reviewing spending habits and see where money can be saved. Making the cuts to balance your home budget is rarely easy or pleasant, but it allows you to do things you couldn't do otherwise - such as be there for all your children's milestones. The sacrifice may be great, but the rewards will be greater.

  • The Power of NO!
    You love being a Stay at Home Mom (SAHM), but lately your phone has been ringing off the hook because you're home during the day and people think you're available to help out in a pinch - and there's always a pinch. Remember, it's your right to choose how you spend your time and your right to not feel guilty about saying no when you want to. Remember "no" is one small two letter word that has the power to bring balance, relieve stress, provide peace and create joy.

  • School Has Started Again. What's a Mom to Do Now?
    As the kids prepare to go back to school, why not try to bring some of that anticipation back to your life too. After all - why should they have all the fun? Here are five suggestions for how to put some spark back into your days.

  • "Survival Tips" for Leaving Your House with a Baby (or Babies!) in Tow
    It's challenging enough for a new mom to go out and about with a baby. Going out with two or more small children can be so intimidating, a mom may not even try. Here are some strategies for how a mom of one or many can get herself and her offspring out of the house.

  • Help Wanted: Mother - Classified ads for all you do
    Here's a sampling of the job postings that would be needed to cover all you do for the children-and significant other adult-in your household by author Melissa Stanton.

  • Mothers in Love with Twilight's Edward Cullen
    Have you read the books? Seen the movie? Are you similarly smitten? Or, since we're talking vampires here, have you been similarly bitten? Author Melissa Stanton discusses her latest addiction.

  • Busy but Bored
    Stay-at-home motherhood is a great many things-yet, some days, it can be unbearably dull. Even the most devoted stay-at-home mother can have trouble finding fulfillment in a daily routine of coloring, cooking, cleaning, cartoons, carseats and Candyland. Here are some field-tested survival tips for finding the boredom.

  • Back-up plans: What to do when you're down to the last diaper, forgot a bib, or run out of milk
    Once you get the basics down (feed the baby, burp the baby, change the baby, rock the baby to sleep) you'll be faced with the inevitable curveballs, the problems you have to solve in the moment. With some field-tested solutions, and your innate smarts, you'll be prepared for anything! Melissa Stanton shares three indispensible back-up plans.

  • Why You Can't Get Anything Done
    Have you ever asked yourself, "Do I Have ADHD"? It's a thought that crosses the minds of many stay-at-home moms. Why? Because they think about the number of chores they need to do but don't get to, or the projects they start but don't finish, or the tasks they actually do but don't do well. Melissa Stanton explains why it "seems" like SAHMS don't get anything done.

  • Returning to Work After Being A SAHM
    So the last chick is ready to leave the nest (at least between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm) and you're ready to say adieu to your SAHM status and embrace Working Mom status with enthusiasm . . . but you're not exactly sure where to begin? Let us help with these tips to get you started on your next journey.

  • Making It Work to Stay Home from Work
    If you have paid any attention to the so-called "mommy wars," you know that there can be a fair amount of emotional heat about the topic of stay-at-home "versus" working-for-pay mothers. Here on a summary of suggestions for stay-at-home moms, especially those who might be missing their previous employment.
  • Being Skillful with Your Inner World, Too
    Does this sound familiar? I used to run a sizeable department in a Fortune 500 corporation before taking a few years off to be at home with my children. Back on my job, I felt like I could make things happen, and I felt effective. I still feel effective in terms of running a home and being a good mom. But where I don't feel at all as effective is with my own thoughts and feelings. They run all over the place and I can't control them. Our Nuture Mom columnists, Rick Hanson, Ph.D. and Jan Hanson, MS, Lac share their insights on cultivating our inner world.

  • Finding Other Adult Companionship for SAHM Sanity
    A SAHM need not be synonymous with a lonely mom. As a new stay at home mom, you may need to venture further than your neighborhood block to find some companionship. Here are our tips for getting out there, making friends, and keeping your sanity.

  • Plan B(aby): Stay-at-Home Parenting Trend Is Growing
    A 2001 report by the U.S. Census Bureau states that in 1998, 59 percent of mothers with infants worked full time. By 2000, only 55 percent of mothers with infants worked full time. Deciding whether to stay home and who should stay home is both an emotional and a financial cost-benefit analysis. There is no single solution to this puzzle; each family must strategize about what works best within the context of its own particular needs and circumstances.

  • Time Management for the Busy Mom - Getting all of your Ducks Back on Track
    February is National Time Management Month. What if your time management problem isn't not having enough time in a day, but is a result of having too many tasks that you're trying to squeeze into your waking hours? What can you do about it? Let us show you!

  • A Little Fitness Can Go a LONG Way!
    Did you know that January is Family Fitness month? As a Stay At Home Mom it's easy to get caught in a rut with so much to accomplish each day. But truth be told, fitness is an important part of everyday living for each member of the family. So, if the extent of your fitness routine is carrying the baby, lifting laundry, or hauling around the vacuum cleaner - relax, there are a multitude of fun ways to incorporate a steady diet of fitness into the family mix.

  • Stay-At-Home Moms: Maximize Your Potential ~ Being a stay-at-home mother does not mean that as a woman, you must lose your drive for self-improvement and even career advancement. It can become the beginning of new endeavors if you focus your energies on everyone in your home, including you. Author Jennifer James shows you how.

  • From Working Mom to Stay-At-Home Mom: The First Year ~ Adjusting from WOHM to SAHM can be as big of an adjustment as becoming a first-time mother. Read how Crystal Dupay made many discoveries about herself and life in general during her first year as a stay at home mom.

  • No-Excuses Exercise for Stay-at-Home Moms ~ There are a number of ways you can incorporate exercise into your daily schedule, but if you are a stay-at-home mom, your time and resources are probably fairly limited. Here are some ideas for working exercise into your daily routine.

  • Rainy Day Fun ~ Ever had one of those rainy days when the kids were begging to be entertained and you were at a loss for what to do? We've got some great ideas for you to keep on hand for that next rainy day!

  • Getting Organized ~ Raising kids truly is a full-time job, and on some days at home with them, it can be hard to get anything done. Here are some suggestions for helping to keep things running smoothly.

  • Applause for Stay-at-Home Moms by Susie Michelle Cortright ~ We have seen a lot of articles applauding mothers who go to work each day. Rarely do we see an article that celebrates those who stay-at-home. Here are just a few of the reminders of the fact that your selflessness and sacrifices make a difference.

  • Playgroups Offer More Than Child's Play by Carren Joye

  • Toddler Talk is Foreign Language to this Stay-at-home Mom
    Has your toddler moved beyond the English language and developed a language of his own? Unfortunately, for those of us who weren't offered "Toddler Talk" as an elective in college, this can make communication difficult. What to do? Hmmmm . . . author Andrea Harris has a few ideas.

  • Population of Full-time Boo-boo Kissers on the Rise by Andrea Harris
    The glass ceiling has been broken. Women can do and be anything they want. So why would they choose to stay at home and raise their children?

  • Communication Blunders Begin Early by Andrea Harris
    Miscommunications between spouses may partly be due to gender factors. Already observing it from her 2 year son, columnist Andrea Harris believes her messages get filtered and then translated into something entirely different from what she's said. Check out this lighthearted edition of Notes From a Housewife.

  • From Darcie Sanders and Martha M. Bullen:

  • From our Working Moms Cubby:

  • Miserly Moms Column by author Jonni McCoy

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