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Welcome to StorkNet's Moms At Home Cubby!

What's New
     º How to Plan Playdates: 15 Strategies for Fun and Successful Kids' Get-togethers
Oh for the good old days when the kids roamed free in their neighborhoods! Now, instead of socializing on the corner, children visit during "playdates," having friends over at appointed hours. Here are some great tips for planning and hosting fun playdates.
     º Turning Green as a Stay at Home Mom
Being a stay at home mom means you're there to set a great example for your children. Wouldn't it be nice to show them how important you consider helping our planet to be? Learn more from author Stephanie Foster.
     º No-Excuses Exercise for Stay-at-Home Moms
There are a number of ways you can incorporate exercise into your daily schedule, but if you are a stay-at-home mom, your time and resources are probably fairly limited. Here are some ideas for working exercise into your daily routine.

Hot Topic
     º How do you beat SAHM boredom?
I've been a SAHM/WAHM for most of my kids' lives and I LOVE it. But let's face it, there are times when you're ready to put out your hair and have an adventure that's more than figuring out how to change baby's explosive diaper without wearing it. Share your tips with us! Post your tips on our blog or email us.
     º How do you fit exercise into your day?
Do you have a scheduled fitness routine? Do you wing it? Do you exercise with your little ones? Where? When? How? Post your tips on our blog or email us.

And Don't Forget
     º SAHM FAQ ~ check out our Frequently Asked Questions about being/becoming a stay at home mom.
     º Contact us with your suggestions and comments for our Stay At Home Moms Cubby.


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