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Rainy Day Fun
by Kate Gadsby
Ever had one of those rainy days when the kids were begging to be entertained and you were at a loss for ideas? I think it has happened to all of us at one time or another, and it can be pretty frustrating. The next time it happens, check this page and see if something inspires you.

  • Fingerpaint, if you can handle the cleanup afterwards.

  • Turn on some music and dance. Kids may not have much rhythm, but they can have tons of fun.

  • Cook. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, most kids will find baking muffins to be rewarding and fun. Having your child(ren) help you prepare dinner is a bit more ambitious, but it is productive and almost any child can wash vegetables in a plastic bowl.

  • Let them help you clean. This sounds a bit funny, but some kids can be amused for hours with a dusting cloth and a "grown-up" job to do.

  • Make sock puppets and put on a puppet show. For more crafts ideas for kids, check out the Crafts For Kids Cubby.

  • Read. Snuggling up on the couch with a pile of books and a snack can be a nice, relaxing way to pass a few hours.

  • Have a Teddy Bears picnic. Clear the living room floor (sometimes a real job in itself when you have kids!) spread out a picnic blanket, make lunch and invite a few of your child's favourite snugglies to join you.

  • Build a fortress. With a few dining chairs and a large bed sheet, you can build a tent your child may not want to come out of even at bedtime.

  • Do a jigsaw puzzle, if your child is old enough.

  • Write a story. Let your child dictate what happens, then write it down to be read at bedtime.

  • Colour. If fingerpainting sounds too messy, sit down with a bunch of crayons, a pile of paper, and draw.

  • Play twister.

  • Set up a treasure hunt. Hide your child's favourite toys or household objects around the house and challenge him/her to find them. Award something simple that your child enjoys when all the toys are found.

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