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Returning to Work After Being A SAHM
So the last chick is ready to leave the nest (at least between the hours of 8:30 am and 3:30 pm) and you're ready to say adieu to your SAHM status and embrace Working Mom status with enthusiasm . . . but you're not exactly sure where to begin?

Begin by deciding which type of employment you would like to pursue. Your "before mom" career may not best suit your current mom status. Things like frequent travel, exceptionally long hours, working weekends, and being on-call may have seemed par for the course before children, but may not be what you have in mind for an ideal current work situation. In addition, work that you felt completely satisfied performing five years ago may not whet your appetite for a fulfilling career today. Remember that in this day and age the average person has at least three careers.

Once the research has been performed and the career chosen, decide on the best way to get there. Determine which skills will make securing the job a breeze. Will training, courses, a degree, or an internship help provide the necessary skills? Perhaps you've performed some of the skills during your time as a SAHM, or you can use "life skills" to satisfy some credits towards a degree. If you're not sure where to begin use the internet as your spring board, or find someone already performing your dream job and ask if you can pick their brain. They may provide you with a few shortcuts that you've not yet thought of.

Once your plan and/or skills are in place it'll be time to let potential employers know you're available and how to get in touch with you. Write an exceptional cover letter and resume that highlights your background, skills, and assets. Don't forget to list skills honed during your SAHM years, such as organization, time management, scheduling. Hint: Most employers know that an employee who brings practical experience along with proper skills is a true asset.

Lastly, start as early as possible. Aim for a year to research and gain the necessary skills for the desired job. In addition, you'll have ample opportunity to scope out potential employers and be well-versed in what they seek in a potential candidate. As a former SAHM you're older, wiser, and more capable. Remember that you are interviewing them just as much as they are interviewing you for the best possible fit. A happy mom makes for a happy family. This is true whether you're a SAHM, WFHM or Working Mom.

Written by StorkNet Staff Writer Kim Green-Spangler

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