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Finding Other Adult Companionship for SAHM Sanity
Is the need for more stimulating conversation than Teletubbies, Barney, or Elmo driving you to extremes? Do you dial the local weather station for the time and weather just to hear real words with more than two letters? Do you reach over to wipe the chins of adult dinner guests and ask them if they'd like more "yum yums"? If so I'd hazard to guess that you desperately need someone else to talk to, preferable another parent who will understand exactly what you are going through.

Many new SAHMs find that with this new status comes feelings of isolation. With so many women in the workforce, the number of SAHM has steadily diminished over the last 30 years. This said, new SAHMs may need to venture further than their neighborhood block to find some companionship. While it may seem that literally everyone is at work all day long, there is nothing further from the truth.

Take a walk in your neighborhood. Visit local libraries, parks and playgrounds during the school day. While getting outside to enjoy the fresh air or pick up some fresh reading material for both of you, you're bound to see other parents of pre-school aged children more than willing to strike up a conversation. Remember, they are probably just as deprived for adult conversation as you are.

Local churches or community centers are a great source for organized activities for moms and children. They frequently offer playgroups, organized sports, arts & crafts, dance instruction, music instruction and more. Typically if they do not have anything formal in the works, they may know of other places within the community that do.

Ready to shed those post-baby pounds? The local Y or fitness facility with daycare can provide entertainment for your wee one and provide you with company while you work off those pounds. Some gyms offer Mom-n-Tot classes too where moms can work out with babies, where you're guaranteed to meet other moms with babies of a similar age.

Bookstores are even better than libraries for meeting other adults. When venturing out during school hours select a bookstore that has a morning or afternoon story time scheduled. Older children will love a story, but visiting with a younger child has benefits too. Bookstores offer something that libraries don't - a coffee/tea bar with baked goods! While it may make you seek out the gym on the way home, it's a good place to start a chat over coffee and baby feedings.

When seeking other SAHM companionship the secret is to be outgoing and friendly. You have to make the effort by putting yourself in places where other SAHMs frequent. Supermarkets, malls, play centers, local pools, and amusement parks are all fair game. Get out there and introduce yourself and let other moms know you'd like to get to know them. After a while from a few of these outings, once you get to know the parents and the children you could form your own playgroup or co-op, or meet a really good buddy for one-on-one activities. A SAHM need not be synonymous with a lonely mom.

Written by StorkNet Staff Writer Kim Green-Spangler

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