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What's a Mom to Do?
Remember the thrill of the new school year. The new clothes, book bag, lunch box (if you brown-bagged it), the new books, etc? As adults, one of the things we often complain about is that everything becomes "old hat," stale, or boring. As the kids prepare to go back to school, why not try to bring some of that anticipation back to your life too. After all - why should they have all the fun!

So when you're done doing cartwheels after you've sent your child(ren) off to school, or done drying your tears and snapping your final picture, here are five suggestions for how to put some spark back into your days.

  1. Return to School - yes Y-O-U!
    Why not use this time to take a class in something you've always loved or wanted to try. Perhaps you're a few credits shy of completing your degree, or maybe you'd like to pursue another one. Why Not? You may even make friends with fellow students. Just think - you'll be able to set a good example for your kids and you'll each have a study-buddy.

  2. Learn a New Hobby or Craft
    Is there a hobby that you've been longing to try? Or maybe you'd like to take craft lessons at your local craft supply store? With the birthdays coming and going and holidays just a few months away, now is an excellent time to learn something new and prepare to share your pleasure by giving it as a gift. Things from the heart mean so much more to those who are receiving and giving.

  3. Volunteer some of Your Time
    Have you had the urge to "give a little something back"? Have you considered volunteering? Perhaps at a hospital, shelter, before or after school program, big brother/sister program, or some other place near and dear to your heart. Any place that you feel a connection to would be thrilled to take some of your free time off of your hands. You'll be helping someone else, feeling good for your accomplishment, and demonstrating community involvement to your kids.

  4. Join/Start a Club or Group Geared to Your Interests
    A club or group is a wonderful way to meet people with similar interests, lifestyles, or challenges. But if you cannot find and existing club, don't let that stop you, why not start one of your own? A book club, investment club, moms group, play group, or writers group are just a few suggestions.

  5. Get a Little Entrepreneurial
    Why not? Have you been thinking about starting your own business, or setting up an office and doing a little consulting work? While the kids are at school why not give it a whirl. Unlike summer break, if you were a stay at home parent you will either have complete peace and quiet or a substantial reduction of noise; so, you can handle business calls during the daytime hours and paperwork at night (if necessary.)

Back to school is the perfect time to create something new for you too. While the kids are busy learning new things and socializing with their peers, why not do the same. The added bonus is that anything you choose that will be fun and fulfilling to you will put some joy in your days, and will carry over into your family nights as well. So, put on those thinking caps and decide how to put the fun back into your days and create something uniquely yours.

Written by StorkNet Staff Writer Kim Green-Spangler

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