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VBAC Cubby - vaginal birth after cesarean

VBAC After Two C-sections?
by Nancy Sullivan, CNM, MS, FACNM
Nancy SullivanQ. I had my first c-section after 4 hours of pushing and failure to progress. I was going to attempt a VBAC with my next pregnancy, but the baby was breech and over 10 pounds. I am pregnant again, and my doctor says not to rule out a vaginal birth. I assumed that after having two sections back to back with large babies that VBAC wouldn't be an option. Is it really possible?

A. I would say that you have a very unusual doctor these days. Good for him! I think most obstetricians would recommend a repeat cesarean after your experience because of concern about possible uterine rupture, as well as a greater likelihood, after two cesareans, that a vaginal birth will not be successful. However, if this baby is smaller than your last, you do not have any complications with this pregnancy, and you go into spontaneous labor and progress normally, I think that a VBAC could be an option. Many women have had successful vaginal births after two cesareans so it is possible.

I am sure that your doctor would want to monitor your labor closely and would probably not want to augment it with oxytocin or other drugs if things do not progress normally.

Good luck to you!

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