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Work At Home Parents

Welcome to StorkNet's Work At Home Cubby
Whether you're looking for information in hopes of becoming a work at home parent or if you already are a WAHP, you'll find lots of support in our Work At Home Cubby. Start your research with our Frequently Asked Questions about working at home.

What's New
     º Ten Tips for Combating WAHM Isolation
Today's WAHMs (Work at Home Moms) are extremely busy. Between caring for the family and building/growing/running their businesses there is basically no time left for anything else. WAHMs also comprise one of the most isolated groups of the population. Here are a few tips for overcoming WAHM isolation.
     º Five-Minute Fitness - Quick Ideas for Keeping Fit When Working at Home by Lindsay Small
One of the most difficult things about working at home is scheduling a proper fitness routine. If you are a work at home mother and are having to contend with kids, housework and running a business too, you will have to make a special effort to schedule some exercise into your day. Author Lindsay Small shares ways to get short bursts of activity into your day.
     º Decorating a Home Office to Maximize Work Space
Psychologically speaking, the design of a home office is vital to the work that is created within the walls. The design flow can literally expedite work and create a space that is enjoyable to work in, which in turn creates better, more creative work. Learn how to create the perfect home office for you.

Hot Topic
     º Entertaining Children
How do you keep your kids entertained while you're working? Do you have a helper who takes care of them? Do you have a special area by your workspace? Share your thoughts with us! Click here to post your answer on our blog or click here to email your response..
     º Do family/friends understand that you're a WAHM?
Do family/friends understand that you're actually "working" at home, managing a job, and have responsibilities and deadlines in addition to being a stay at home mom? Do they encroach (or try to) on your time? How do you make them understand you're not just a stay at home mom? Click here to share with our parents on our blog or click here to email your response.

     º Finding Inspiration for a Business -- A Case Study
What kind of business should I start? If you're struggling with this question, Liz Fretz shares how she helped a friend figure out, step by step, how she came up with the perfect idea.

     º Got a success story? We hope you'll consider sharing it with us! Click here to send us your story; be sure to include a statement giving us permission to print your story.
     º Bedrest and the Working Mom ~ Were you (or are you) on bedrest during your pregnancy? If so, we need your feedback for our Bedrest Survival Guide including tips for when you've been working at home and dealing with insurance issues, disability, and FMLA. Click here to send us your tips.


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