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Work At Home Parents

Work and Sick Kids
~ a message board archive
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If you're a work at home mom, how do you manage your work with sick kids? Do you take the day off? Do you have a special area in your office for your kids to hang out in? What do you do to get through the day?

From Laurisa ~ DH and I take turns taking time off. Before my MIL became ill, she would watch DS if he was too sick on the days I work from home.

From amykw33 ~ I am lucky in that I can kind of work around my kids' schedules, and I have a laptop so that I am more portable. If someone is sick and needs me, I can work on my laptop around them, or just take the day off more or less (with the exception of fielding phone calls) and deal with the paperwork and e-mails after they go to bed. I am a controller for a consulting firm, and I do a bit of headhunting for them, as well. My boss is a woman with 4 kids who also is a WAHM, so she knows all about working with kids around!

From JillB ~ My work is only part time, and very flexible, so I only ever try to work when DS is napping. Otherwise, he "helps." If he is sick, likely he naps longer, so I actually get more work done. If this is not the case though, I would just put it off until I got some more time, and maybe have someone watch him while I caught up. I am lucky in that I basically start work around August, and my deadline is February, except for a couple things they might want right away. I work for a small family business and they are very understanding of my situation!

From monc ~ I am an insurance adjuster and have to leave for inspections so I have a nanny 3 days/week for 4 hours each day (now). Before I had the nanny, I would just cancel appointments and work during naps or after dh came home. I am lucky that winter is my slow time (less homeowners claims) and that is typically when kids are sick. If it were very serious I would call my boss and take the day off. It's just work and it can always wait!!!

From traxster ~ My dh and I take turns with appointments. My work allows me to work from home if necessary, and my dh is a partner in a business, so the restrictions are not that great for him. It is hard, because I am his mom, and I feel like I should always be there with my son, but my dh is his parent too, and we do a pretty good job of sharing the responsibility.

From Tammy Harrison, The Queen of Pizzazz ~ Working from home is the best and hardest thing I've ever done! As a successful work-at-home entrepreneur for over nine years, I have seen my share of pregnancies (four kids in six years!), sick days and adventures. But, you *must* remember why you work from home. If you made your decision BECAUSE of your children, then having them sick should not be an issue! Most folks wouldn't think twice about taking a sick day if they had an outside job - and we moms who choose to work from home shouldn't, either! I make sure that my business can be on auto-pilot occasionally -- for at least 24 hours at a time. I don't have to talk on the telephone very much, so most of my business is conducted via eMail. This makes taking a day off quite simple! I am a night person anyway, so after the kids go to bed, I just try to capitalize on my time and get as much work as possible done while they slumber. I also have a laptop computer that I can set up in my living room, as I'm holding or nursing a child -- it's not very easy to type one-handed, but I am able to view eMails that are urgent and plan on taking care of them as the kids allow. My first job is to be a mom, my second job is my business. As long as I keep those in perspective - everything works out just fine!

From Ann Douglas, Having-a-Baby.com ~ It depends on how sick my kids are. If they're just feeling a bit under the weather, they're generally happiest sleeping or watching TV on the couch in my office while I work. If they're really sick, I don't even try to work because odds are I'll be on "vomit patrol". (The glamorous life of the work-at-home mom!)

From Donna Schwartz Mills, Family-Content.com ~ Yes, I rearrange my day so that I can take care of what is possible, putting off what isn't with Megan home. (i.e., I can probably read and answer some email - but probably won't be writing a full scale article, etc.) I relax the TV rules. I want to keep her resting, so watching Nickelodeon for hours on end is one way to keep her from getting too bored. I use a notebook computer with a wireless network, so I am able to work in the same room she's in, which is also helpful. I may send out for pizza, groceries, etc. Most important, I stay flexible - which is why I work at home in the first place.

From Kim Green-Spangler ~ I use my laptop and hang out in the living room with my daughter when she is not feeling well. Granted I cannot stay with her all the time, but I can complete the majority of my work with her right next to me on the couch, and when I have to go in my office it’s designated as “rest” time for her. I take way more frequent breaks of course, because we need much more cuddle time, but we’ve gotten through some pretty nasty illnesses this way.

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