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Clichés of A Dream -------- Humor with a Point
by Joe Bingham
Have you ever read over a business opportunity and at the end of the article you think, so what am I supposed to be selling here?

Do you know why you are in business online? Yes, of course you do. So tell me then, why is it there are so many 'opportunities' out there that spend the first 12 pages on their web site going through it all again?

There's nothing like wading through those 12 pages of home-based clichés trying to figure out just what it is you would be selling if you did join their program -- for only $25.

The problem is, there are some good opportunities that still feel they have to do this. The good ones don't go on for 12 pages, of course, but they still drop clichés on you. Why? Don't they know the real truth behind the clichés?

"Work From Home" -- Work at work, then do more work when you get home.

"Set own hours" -- Do you want to be successful? I'll tell you your hours, ALL OF THEM!!!"

30 second commute" -- yeah, 47 times a day as your spouse and kids all sit in the other room and need you to 'come here'.

"Millionaires in their Underwear" -- maybe it's just me, but the image of a drunken guy in under shorts and half of a tuxedo top sprawled across a luxurious, though now permanently stained, red couch always comes to mind. How could this be a positive selling point?"

Six Figure Income" -- What if you only make $1000.00 per year. Count the digits. There's six, isn't there?

"Millionaire Moms" --insert picture of smiling woman holding smiling 2 year old on lap while working on computer. OK, just how long is the smiling 2-year-old going to be content to sit there happily as Mommy works on attaining her sixth figure? Well, let's just say you wouldn't want to try and shoot some video of that happening, a "snap" shot is all your going to get!

And furthermore, why aren't Mama and baby in their underwear?

"Fire Your Boss" -- not a good idea if you expect to get your final pay check or your W-2 forms later on.

"Make Money While You Sleep" -- boy, if I could have done that in college . . .

"Business Runs 24/7" -- yes, an Internet business runs 24/7. That's in 24 directions, and 7 times faster than you can!

Well, now that we have destroyed the clichés, let's get down to answering the question posed above. When happening upon an affiliate program with a 12 page intro that leaves you wondering what you would be selling, the answer is simple.

The dream.

The dream of every thing they really mean by all of those clichés above. I mean really, how many affiliate programs offer info products and such that nobody actually buys or even looks at because the only money maker in the program is signing up other affiliates?

So what they are actually selling then is the dream of firing your boss, working from home in your underwear, at your own hours, where your 30 second commute takes you and your 2 year old into the six figure income category 24 hours a day 7 days a week -- even while you sleep.

Boy, I wish I really could buy into that for only $25.

The point is, if you don't use and believe in what your particular affiliate program is supposed to be selling, then how are you going to convince others to buy into it?

Are you selling a useful product, or just the dream? And if all you are selling is the dream, how are you going to back that up?

It's something to think about.

Written by Joe Bingham --- publisher of the NetPlay Newsletter. NetPlay is an entertainment and information ezine for those who work on line.

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