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Work At Home Parents

Success Stories ~ In Search of Excellence
by Liz Fretz
I often get email from people who are looking for home business ideas. The Work at Home movement is growing and more people are finding ways to work at home every day. But a successful work at home business opportunity doesn't come in a "one size fits all" solution. Just like any career, you have to make it work for YOU! At the same time, there are some things we can learn from those who have gone before us. And learning from people who have already created successful opportunities for themselves seemed like a natural information bounty. To this ends, I have started collecting stories from people who are successful at starting their own business, working at home, or both. As I have been reading these stories, the guts, determination, luck, and hard work displayed by these people has moved me. I hope that you too, will be moved and find inspiration to meet your own goals and make your own success story!

Got a success story? We hope you'll consider sharing it with us! Click here to send us your story; be sure to include a statement giving us permission to print your story.

The Stories
  • Linda Aksomitis is a Web Designer, an educator, and she offers marketing consulting services.

  • Christine Jones ~ Freelance Writer and Website Owner

  • COARE Enterprises ~ People with Disabilities Establishing Entrepreneurial Opportunities for Themselves

  • Cynthia Maniglia ~ Advertising Executive and Sole Proprietor of Handmade Greeting Card Business

  • Barb Spencer ~ Designer, Cloth Doll Maker and Journalist

  • Allyson Verdone ~ owner of a pet sitting service


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