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Welcome to StorkNet's Working Parents Cubby

What's New
     º Nixing Nanny Resentment
You love your nanny. You truly do. Even better, your child loves her too. But the first time you come home and your child cries for his caregiver, feelings of resentment start to bubble up to the surface. Here are some strategies for handling this delicate situation gathered by Genevieve Thiers, Founder and CEO of Sittercity.com.
     º Coping with Morning Sickness on the Office
Chances are you will continue working through at least the first part of your pregnancy. Being tired an nauseous in the office isnít a very pleasant experience, but there are quite a few things you can do to make yourself more comfortable and cope with your morning sickness in the office.
     º Balancing Home and Work
Parents of today who are busy pursuing a career, maintaining a home and raising children face a complex balancing act. Here are 10 easy tips for developing a home/life balance plan of action.

Featured Book
     º The Best Friend's Guide to Maternity Leave: Making the Most of Your Precious Time at Home
If you're pregnant, a new mother for the first or nineteenth time, or know someone who is, The Best Friend's Guide to Maternity Leave is a must-have! Betty Holcomb draws upon her own personal experiences and those of other moms, and puts together a book chock-full of advice on such subjects as, telling your boss you're pregnant, researching and assembling your maternity leave plan, and phasing yourself back to work after maternity leave.

Hot Topic
     º Housework ~ how do you get it all done? Do you clean a room a day? Certain chores on certain days? Hire a maid? Do your spouse/kids help? Click here to share with our parents on our message boards or click here to email your response.

Featured Article
     º Top 10 Guilt Busters
We've all had those moments when you get sent on a business trip during the week of your daughter's dance recital or a night out with some friends causes you to miss your son's first steps. The guilt hits you like a brick. Here are 10 guilt busters from Work/Life Balance Coach Natalie Gahrmann.

And Don't Forget
     º Frequently Asked Questions
New to the cubby? Read our frequently asked questions about Working Moms!
     º Bedrest and the Working Mom
Were you (or are you) on bedrest during your pregnancy? If so, we need your feedback for our Bedrest Survival Guide including tips for telling your boss about your bedrest and any tips for dealing with insurance issues, disability, and FMLA.
     º Working Moms Journals!
We currently have two working moms journals - Shawna's Single Parenting Journal and Tara's WOHM Journal.
     º Be sure to read through our other informative articles for working parents!

Working Mothers Editors

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