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Coping with Morning Sickness on the Office
by Susanne Myers
Chances are you will continue working through at least the first part of your pregnancy. Being tired an nauseous in the office isnít a very pleasant experience, but there are quite a few things you can do to make yourself more comfortable and cope with your morning sickness in the office.

Eat Breakfast
If youíre not much of a breakfast person, you may be tempted to skip eating before you go to work in favor of a late morning snack. Unfortunately an empty stomach only makes morning sickness worse. Eat something before you leave your house in the morning, even if itís just a slice of toast. This should cut down on at least some of your nausea during the first few hours of your workday.

Snack Throughout the Day
Continue to keep some food in your stomach all day long by snacking throughout the day. This can be simply some saltine crackers, a few cookies or some fruit and yogurt. Snack on whatever keeps your stomach settled, but try to get the most nutrition for you buck. If you can tolerate fruits or vegetables, then snack on those. Cheese and crackers, or peanut butter rice cakes are other options that seem to work well. Protein will stay in your stomach longer, so try to include it whenever possible.

Skip the Heavy Lunch
In addition to no food in your stomach, too much, especially heavy, greasy food can make your morning sickness flare up. Skip the heavy lunch and opt for a sandwich or salad instead. Stay away from anything fried whenever possible. If you are craving fried chicken and fresh fries, try to hold out until dinner. If you get sick to your stomach, youíll at least be at home and able to rest.

Dress in Layers
Getting hot in the office can make your nausea worse. If you canít control the temperature in the office, or are sharing the same space with coworkers who arenít experiencing hot flashes, dress in layers. As you start to feel hot, simply shed some layers. Running some cold water over your wrists, or splashing cool water in your face can also help you cool off quickly and keep your morning sickness at bay.

Peppermint and Ginger
Consider peppermint and ginger your best friends and allies against morning sickness. Both of them are known to reduce nausea. Fix yourself a cup of peppermint tea, or keep some peppermint spray or essential oil close by to smell. Ginger can be very portable and easy to eat as candied ginger, in ginger snaps or ginger ale.

Above all, remember why your stomach is reacting the way it is. Your body is getting used to the hormonal changes caused by the little person growing inside of you and it will all be worth it when you get to hold you baby. And with a little luck, your morning sickness will be over in a few weeks.

For more information about morning sickness and early pregnancy visit http://www.morningsicknessinfo.com and for womenís health and beauty tips donít miss http://www.healthandbeautyinfo.com.


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