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Time Saving Tips Around the Home
by Kenyatta Thomas
How to do it all? Get the laundry done, cook dinner, get the shopping done? Here's how other working moms get things done, while saving time:

storkI invite my sister down for the weekend. She really likes to clean (DOES A MUCH BETTER JOB THAN I DO)! She gets away for a few days, gets to see her nephew (and loves to babysit) and gets 2 or 3 top-notch recipes I don't usually cook when it's just DH and I. (They are too involved.) LUCKY ME! Definitely a cleaning/errand short-cut I constantly thank her for! ~Becky

storkI'm in South Africa so our weather is usually warm enough that clothes will dry on the line. I have an automatic washing machine and get through all our laundry in a weekend as long as it isn't raining. Towels and bedding get done on alternate weeks. To save time I sort the laundry into loads on Friday night (usually when watching TV) then load up the machine - detergent, softener, everything on Friday night. When I wake up early on Saturday (the day I CAN sleep in and I'm up bright and early for work) I just go and start up the machine. It gives me a head start on the day. In summer, it often lets me get four loads washed and line dried in a day.

For errands like bill paying I pop out to a local mall during my lunch. I try to pay bills a few days early (i.e. before everybody has been paid and is trying to settle up) so there isn't such a wait. I'm pregnant at the moment so standing in a line isn't my favorite thing.

Probably not much help as the moms in the USA are going into winter now, but it works for me. ~Jayne

storkCheck local laundromats for wash-dry-fold service. This definitely isn't a money saving tip, but EVEN if you have a washer and drier, being able to drop off a load one day and pick it up the next can be WELL worth the 40-50 cents a pound that they usually charge!!!!

I THOUGHT I had the laundry pretty well caught up before our move, but BOY was I wrong. We have a TON of dirty clothes, plus all the bedding and extra blankets and sofa throws that were rounded up during the move, plus all the wash cloths and towels that we used for cleaning during the move, etc. Anyway, I've taken a laundry basket full and two garbage bags and it's only costing about $13. Again it's not a frugal thing to do, but it sure helps to lighten the load!

Buy in bulk!!! I know it sounds cliché, and it may or may not save you money, but you really do save time by NOT having to run to the store (usually at the least convenient time) because you ran out of toilet paper or diapers or something. Buying HUGE packs of bathroom tissue and stocking the linen closet full of sanitary pads has been a real accomplishment for me. Now if I can just do the same thing with diapers (did it with David, but haven't with Skye), paper towels, laundry detergent, etc.~Elaine

storkI try to prepare ingredients for meals once a week and freeze (i.e. ground beef for sloppy joes, meatballs for spaghetti, diced chicken for casserole, etc.). I write out bills while stuck in traffic!!! ~Jill

storkWe do a load of laundry a night - that way you're not stuck with five loads on the weekend. Also I always do a quick pick up before I go to bed and always put things away when we're done with them! ~Gillian

storkI keep coupons in my wallet, and at least twice a week, I'll go to the store at lunchtime to get non-perishables like toilet paper, soap, detergent, etc. It saves A LOT of time, these bi-weekly stock up trips . . . better than waiting until the weekend!

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