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Experts Corner


Sagging Breasts
By Lisa Stone, ACE

Q. My milk has come and gone and now looking at my breasts leaves me . . . a little deflated. Are there any exercises I can do to bring them back up where they belong? I don't remember this problem after my first two children and took care to always wear good, supportive bras. Is there anything I can do for them? (Besides a push up bra)

A. I'm afraid I don't have very encouraging news. But, you can strengthen the chest muscles underneath your breasts to add some definition to your upper chest. Standing push-ups are great for this: stand with your feet up against a wall; take 2 steps back and place your hands on the wall just above chest height. Take a deep breath in and slowly lower your chest toward the wall by bending your elbows (your knees should stay slightly bent and your stomach muscles should be tight); exhale as you push your body away from the wall by tightening the muscles in your upper chest. Try to do 8-12 repetitions, rest, then do 2 more sets resting in between.


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