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Experts Corner


I Hate to Exercise and Sweat!
By Sara Holliday, MFT, CPT

Sara Holliday - Fit by SaraQ. I really really hate exercise but my midwife is pushing me to do something. I just don't like to sweat. Can you give me some ideas for what I can do throughout my pregnancy? My midwife suggested walking but it's really cold outside and I don't want to slip on ice.


Your midwife is smart to encourage you to exercise because it has multiple benefits including boosting your mood, relieving typical pregnancy pains, improving your sleep, plus it will help you get back your body quicker after baby is born.

I've found the three best exercises you can do from the beginning of pregnancy and beyond are walking, swimming, and yoga. Since you're not interested in exercising outside at this time, I recommend taking a prenatal yoga class or renting a prenatal yoga DVD. Start exercising slowly and listen to your body. For example, take small breaks during a class or pause a yoga DVD when you feel tired, drink a few sips of water, then resume the class or DVD when you feel ready. Eventually you will build your stamina to do a full class or DVD without taking a break.

If you're lacking motivation to get started ask a friend or your husband/partner to take a class or do a DVD with you. Keep in mind the sooner you start exercising the better you'll feel during and after your pregnancy!


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